How to Manage & Make Missing New Stnk

Julybe my friend’s experience was quite interesting, but I was also quite frustrated to help him. So my friend has a new motorbike (credit) not even 3 months old, the vehicle registration is lost in his wallet when he was watching a concert. What makes it confusing is how to take care of making a new STNK as a replacement for the lost STNK even though you don’t have a copy or photocopy of it, while the original BPKB still hasn’t come out (because the motorbike is still on credit) at the credit motorbike financing office.

The question is, can you take care of a lost STNK if you don’t have a copy? Now this is what makes my friend confused, but after several times of googling it turns out that I received information that to take care of a lost STNK can be done in a way that is not too troublesome as I assumed.

Well the next day I took my friend to take care of his lost vehicle registration because the STNK was a must have for every vehicle and the most important thing was that my friend was able to quickly use his motorbike so he wouldn’t mess with me again when he went to college hahahahaha … Well if my friend nebeng then my boyfriend pouted because he had to use his own motorbike (usually he always went on a ride together every time he went to college)…. so here are the steps for managing and making a new lost STNK:

Requirements or documents required to take care of lost vehicle registration

  • Original BPKB and photocopy (if the vehicle that is still on credit resembles my friend, then ask for a photocopy and attachment of a cover letter from your leasing or motor vehicle loan financing office)
  • ID card of the vehicle owner and a photocopy (If the owner’s ID card is also lost like my friend’s experience, also read how to take care of a lost ID card)
  • Managing loss certificate from the local police

How to Manage Lost STNK

Avoid middlemen because this STNK-making service will be more expensive (but it all depends on you) Now after you have all the requirements and documents above, then the next step is to take care of the lost STNK as follows:

Come to the SAMSAT Office
If the documents to complete the administrative requirements are already in hand, all you have to do is take them to the SAMSAT (One Roof System) Office, which is the place for issuance/ratification of STNK by three agencies: the National Police, the Provincial Revenue Service, and PT Jasa Raharja. The following are the procedures for taking care of the replacement of STNK because it is lost at the Samsat Office:

Physical check of the vehicle
Arriving at the SAMSAT Office, physically check your vehicle as well as swipe the frame and engine numbers. When finished, the results of the physical check will be photocopied.

Fill out the registration form
Make sure you fill out the form completely and correctly, and then submit it to the lost STNK counter. Don’t forget to include the management completeness file that you have prepared.

Manage block checks (missing certificate from SAMSAT)
What is meant by administering a block check is managing a certificate of missing STNK from SAMSAT, which contains information on the validity of the relevant STNK, for example not in a blocked condition or in search. For this, you must attach the results of a physical vehicle check.

Taking care of making a new STNK at the BBN II Counter
To take care of making a new STNK as a replacement for an old lost STNK, you must submit all completeness files and a missing certificate from SAMSAT at the BBN Counter (Bea Transfer of Names) II.

Paying Motor Vehicle Tax
This is done if you have not paid the annual tax on your motor vehicle. If you have already paid this tax fee, then it is tax free.

Pay the cost of making a new STNK
Costs for the issuance of STNK listed in the Types and Rates of Non-Tax State Revenue of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia according to PP No. 50 of 2010 are as follows:

  • 2-wheeled motorized vehicle, 3-wheeled motorized vehicle, or public transportation IDR 50,000
  • Motorized vehicles with 4 wheels or more IDR 75,000
  • Free STNK validation

Take STNK and SKPD
If all the steps have been completed, all you have to do is submit proof of payment from the cashier to the new STNK collection section and wait for the call to collect the finished STNK and SKPD (Regional Tax Assessment Letter).

As an anticipatory measure, you should make copies or photocopies of your securities such as KTP, SIM, STNK, BPKB and always keep them in the archive if needed at any time, for example in the case of losing this STNK.

This lost STNK management letter can be represented. If the person in charge is not the owner of the vehicle, then to take care of the Lost STNK, you must use a stamped power of attorney signed by the owner. But for ID cards, the original ID card of the owner must be. The cost of managing this lost STNK is around Rp. 80,000, (can be different for each domicile area) for 2-wheeled vehicles/motorcycles and around Rp. 180,000, – (may vary from region to region) for 4-wheeled vehicles.