How to Manually Set Time and Date on Android

There are two ways to set the date and time on Android, namely automatically and manually. The automatic feature can usually only be applied when there is a SIM card in the phone and when it is connected to the internet.

Meanwhile, if you set it manually, you will be given many options to choose from choose the right time zone according to location. And of course you can also fake the time and date through this manual feature.

Of course, you don’t need any additional apps to do this, because all Android phones can do this from the settings. And here I will share how to do it.

Tutorial to Set Time and Date Manually on Android

  1. Open settings.

  2. Tap menu Date and Time.

    Tap Date and Time Menu

  3. Next don’t activate on the Automatic Date and Time option.

    Not Enable Automatic date and time

  4. To set the clock, please select an option Time Settings.

  5. And to set the date, please select the option Set Date.

  6. Done, now the time and date have been successfully set as manual.

If for example you want to set the clock manually but want it to be on time according to Indonesia, please select the time zone with the code GMT+7. Usually, several regions will appear, such as WIB, WITA, and WIT.

As long as you choose the right time zone, you can be sure that the clock will be set correctly without any errors at all. By setting the time zone, you no longer need to set the date and time again, aka set automatically.

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Why are the Date and Time Wrong When Set to Auto?

Some people may experience this kind of thing, where the phone should display the exact time when the date and time settings are set as automatic. And this is related to the two things I mentioned above, namely the SIM card and internet connection.

The solution is simple, the first is to make sure the SIM card used is active on the phone. And the second is to activate the internet connection to start the time synchronization with the server Google.

But if the two solutions above don’t work, then there’s no other way but to set the time and date Manually and selects the correct time zone according to its current location.

Oh yeah, a little extra, if the Date and Time menu doesn’t appear on the main Settings page, it’s usually in a menu called General Management. Most cell phones Samsung may experience this. While most other Android phones directly display the menu on the main page of the settings.

Hopefully useful and good luck