How to Monetize Tiktok 2022 to Earn Money

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss how to monetize TikTok 2022.

Not only on youtube, twitter, instagram, and facebook that have monetization, currently tiktok has also prepared monetization features for users on tiktok. is a feature where tiktok creators will make money on tiktok. even now many have made millions of rupiah just from tiktok. such as tiktok shop or gift features where we will get a gift if someone gives us a gif.

To make money on tiktok, there are several features, namely tiktok shop, marketplace, and gifts.

In fact, we can also join the affiliate tiktok shop, no need to have items, just follow us, we can become a tiktok affiliate and make money.

The current way of monetizing tiktok can be found in the tiktok application. tiktok itself is a short video application or short video application with many users. tiktok currently provides monetization features for tiktok users. then the second one is the monetization of the tiktok shop and the third one is the prize monetization feature.

Of the three monetization features above, there are several requirements that must be met.

First, the tiktok marketplace has certain requirements if we want to monetize our videos, which is we must have around 100 thousand followers on our tiktok account.

•Then in the second part of the menu, namely the tiktok shop, it has fairly easy requirements, namely, it is enough to only have 2000 followers, we can join the tiktok shop.

Then the third requirement, namely the prize feature, will appear when our video meets the requirements, then in the comment menu section of our video there will be a prize menu logo when I have posted the video into the tiktok video with the condition that it is active for about 30 days and must be diligent in uploading videos, of course .

This monetization feature is a source of pride for Tiktok users, apart from being able to watch short videos, we can also make money when playing on this Tiktok application, so it is not surprising that currently the Tiktok application is excellent and widely used.

With these various monetization features, many can make money just by using the tiktok application. To meet the tiktok monetization criteria, make sure your followers have met these requirements.

To enter the tiktok marketplace monetization feature, you can follow the steps below:

First, open your tiktok application and select in the creator tools menu, then you can see 3 monetization features that you can get

In the first part that is

-Creators Marketplace

-Tiktok Shop


To activate the Creator marketplace monetization, please select it in the menu section, then you will get info about the requirements on the Tiktok creator marketplace.

To activate the tiktok shop, please select it in the tiktok shop section and the requirements are quite easy, around 2000 followers, we can already activate the monetization feature of tiktok shop.

-For the prize menu itself, you can activate it by sliding to the right, and videos that meet the requirements will display a prize logo in your tiktok video comments.

That’s the discussion on how to monetize tiktok 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.