How to Motivate & Improve Employee Performance

In every effort that goes well and is successful, it cannot be separated from the performance of subordinates or employees. They are the ones who run the wheels of your company, the success or failure of their company also affects. And every employee must have a different character so that it has a strong influence on their performance. So, here are some tips to motivate employees or subordinates so that their performance increases over time:

Motivate & Improve Employee Performance

Support new ideas
Brilliant ideas can come from anyone, including your employees. Be sure to get and support input and inspiration for new ideas from your employees for the development of your business. When your subordinates or employees show good inspiration or input for your company, that’s a sign they care. Supporting new ideas and giving each individual the opportunity to implement them is a motivation, even if the inspiration doesn’t work out in the end.

Give authority to each individual
Giving authority to your employees will increase employee performance. They feel optimistic and have more responsibility because you entrust the authority according to the field of your employees. Making them have a task in their work, big or small, will make them have a ‘sense of ownership’ which will make them have a performance that exceeds expectations.

Don’t let boredom affect their performance
Yes, boredom is suspected as a fairly common problem as a factor causing a decrease in employee performance. So don’t let boredom in the company or work area affect the performance of your employees. Planning happy hours, carrying out work visits or holidays when on vacation together, gathering with employees and doing fun things outside of working hours, etc.

Celebrate every important moment
Your concern for employees will also raise their spirits so that performance will increase. According to one successful online businessman said 7 years ago, when the company only had less than 10 employees, we celebrated each employee’s birthday, work anniversary, engagement, and also their immediate important events. Today, as a company with more than 100 employees, we still celebrate these important events.

Not only punishment, they also want to be recognized for their professional achievements
It’s natural for you to give “punishments” to your employees who violate the policies of your company, but never forget to show pride or rewards to those who have succeeded in achieving their professionalism. Everyone wants to be recognized for their greatness. Recognition and pride from the company will mean a lot to an employee, more than you can imagine.

Give legalization to those who deserve it. Even though employees come to the office to complete the work that has been assigned to them, if they do it well, it is also an achievement. Tell everyone in the company about their hard work. Rewarding an achievement, you can provide financial incentives to impress them or intangible rewards such as valuable coaching.

Take your time & Listen to them
Even if you have a very busy agenda, you need to take some time, maybe a few minutes each day to chat with your employees. Although it may not be on your to-do calendar. Everyone is not the same. Encouraging the development of each person’s personality will create a dynamic and diverse culture. It will also create a work environment that is more open and able to make a difference.

Julybe you as a business owner will be too busy with work, but no matter how busy your job is, spend a little time making friends with employees and listening to them. Taking a little time each day to listen to your employees’ inspiration will not only make them happy, it will also give you more insight into your business than the people who help you run it. for the employees themselves, they will feel closeness with the owner of the company as well as increase their morale.

Support & encourage healthy competition
In every business environment, there will always be a competitive environment, and if you always support and encourage a healthy and competitive work environment, you will get a productive environment. Encouraging employees to participate in competitions or challenges is healthy and will even promote friendship.

Set goals that are appropriate and achievable
Many employees always complain that the goals are too difficult or too high set by the company. Setting a goal is important, but ensuring that the goals are not set too high will help you decide whether or not to achieve your goals in the year-end assessment.

Be a leader or a leader worth following
Every leader figure will undoubtedly be emulated by his subordinates. So never expect employee performance to be maximized if you are not high-performing. If employees don’t see you as a worthy leader, how can you expect them to do the same. I can’t expect my employees to do something if I don’t do it either. I always ask myself if my expectations for my employees are worth the expectations I would decide for myself. So give them a good pattern and example.

Create a more personal relationship
This is indeed quite a tricky thing, because there is a boundary that we are forbidden to cross between the boss and his employees. However, showing concern and interest in each employee’s life can be quite useful.

Create a positive work environment
There is no area for negative thoughts to achieve success. A real work environment is a reflection of a positive leader.

Develop creativity
A creative environment is an environment that is easy to develop. Encourage creativity, make “thinking out of the box” a must, and watch your business grow

Make clear expectations
Set clear expectations or desires, so you can decide on a specific outcome.

Make employees feel like they belong to the company
The success of a business lies in ‘ownership’. When employees feel they have an investment in the company, productivity will increase.

Be more flexible
Things don’t end as planned, but if your employees see you open and tolerant enough to go with the flow, tension will decrease and productivity will remain constant.

Give balance at work
A lively work environment is good, but maintaining a balance between work time and refreshing is also important to maintain productivity levels and also the mental health of employees.

Give them a reason to come to work every day
Coming to work every day and the readiness to exceed expectations, requires a high fighting spirit to achieve it.