How to Open Document Files on Android Phones

Can you open document files via Android phone? This is a question that is often asked by someone. And the answer is CAN. But in order to open it, of course you have to install additional applications.

Some Android phones already have a document editing app by default. That app is Google Docs. However, users can also install other applications that can be used to read and transfer documents.

So if for example you receive a document file from WhatsApp or Messenger, but a notification appears “no app supports…“, that’s a sign that your phone has not installed the application document reader none.

Open Any Document File on Android

In order to be able to open document files received from someone, you must first install the application. Here I highly recommend using Microsoft Word because lots of features and also easy to use.

To install the Microsoft Word application, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Please tap the Play Store icon.

  2. Then search in the search field with the keywords Microsoft Word.

    Search Microsoft Word on Play Store

  3. Then the application will appear, and tap the button Pasang.

  4. Wait for the download process to complete and the application is ready to use.

    Installing Microsoft Word Application to Open Document Files

After installing the Microsoft Word application, now all documents received or owned on the cellphone will be opened immediately without any problems. You can even create your own documents through Microsoft Word just like on a computer.

Alternative to Microsoft Word App

If your phone doesn’t support installing the Microsoft Word application, please use an alternative application. One of the best is Google Docs. And for how to install it is still the same as the steps above, only need to change the keyword in the search field.

Google Docs App on Play Store

Apart from Google Docs, there are also other alternative applications. That is WPS Office. But in my opinion Google Docs has become the best alternative and is suitable for all Android phones.


Microsoft Word application requires Android version 6.0 up to use. But if your phone doesn’t support it, you can still use other alternative applications as I mentioned above.

So if the Android version on your phone is below version 6.0 (marshmallows), it’s good to use alternative applications.

And one more thing, the Word application on mobile phones can be enjoyed for free without the need to buy a license like on a computer. Besides Word, there are also other Microsoft applications that you may need, such as Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and so on.

Hopefully useful and good luck