How to Open Multiple Accounts In Mozilla, Chrome & Internet Explorer

In this post we will discuss about how to login to multiple accounts using extensions for Firefox for Chrome, after yesterday I discussed how how to login to multiple gmail accounts in 1 device browser. And this time I will discuss a little about logging into multiple accounts using extension support for mozilla and chrome that you can download for free. By using a browser extension you can log into multiple accounts (multiple accounts) that you have to the same browser, either using Mozilla Firefox or using Google Chrome. You can log in or log into multiple accounts of Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, Hotmail, Tumblr, or other sites.

Ah, it’s easy, just use a different browser to log into the account? Julybe that’s your answer and it’s true, but in certain circumstances we need to log in several accounts on the same device, we can indeed use other browsers, but of course it will be more energy-intensive, RAM, Processor will be drained only to be able to login 1 account to on the web because the more devices open the browser, the memory used to open the browser also increases.

Sure, you can use another browser for another account, browse using Private Browsing or Incognito Mode and open a private tab, or create a separate profile if your browser allows – but using these browser extensions, makes things easier. Therefore, we need a tool that can allow us to log in multiple accounts in one browser in an easy-to-use way without having to open multiple browsers. “MultiLogin” for “Chrome” and “MultyFox” for mozilla. That’s the browser extension we need.

Open multiple accounts in Mozilla Firefox

Opening multiple accounts (Multiple accounts) in the mozilla firefox browser then we need a browser extension, namely Multifox. Multifox is a Firefox extension that allows users using a browser to connect to sites using different usernames, at the same time. For example, if you have multiple web accounts like facebook, you can login to them at the same time and open them at the same time, without interfering with each other’s operation. How to get and use it like this:

  • To get this Multifox browser add on, you can download it for free on the internet by typing the Multifox keyword, or you can directly enter the website at the following address (not support for Firefox version 35.0 and below).
  • Download by clicking add to firefox it will automatically be installed on mozilla (see in the upper right corner).
  • After that you just add a new tabs account. As a pattern for facebook account 1 is opened, to add your other facebook account open new tabs click the multifox symbol and set to profile 2 you just log in to facebook with a different username, to add your other face book account facebook pattern 3 open new tabs again and click multifox set profile 3 and so on (same for many other accounts besides facebook). More details in the image below.

Open multiple accounts for Google Chrome

Just like Multi fox, this Add on for Google Chrome is Multilogin. Multilogin for Chrome works the same way when adding a button to the browser’s address bar. Using multilogin, you can login to multiple accounts on the same site at the same time. This browser extension is free for personal use. You can download this extension for Google chrome for free on the Chrome webstore, how it works the same as multifox, see the image below:

In this post we will discuss how to login to multiple accounts using How to Open Multiple Accounts in Mozilla, Chrome & Internet Explorer

Open multiple accounts in 1 Internet Explorer Browser

If you try to login to multiple accounts from a particular website with two different identities, you may not succeed. This is because, Internet Explorer, by default, shares the same “session cookies” among all tabs and windows. You can login to multiple accounts of certain websites like Facebook,, Gmail, Skype, etc., with two different accounts, using Internet Explorer on Windows by following this tutorial.

Login or Login multiple accounts
Select Switch -number. Use the -nomerge. switch to login to multiple accounts of specific websites with two different identities, using Internet Explorer on Windows. This starts a new browser window in a new, unique session. It should be noted that even after using the -nomerge switch, you should still open a new IE window and not just a new tab. To start Internet Explorer in this mode, type -nomerge iexplore.exe in the Start search box, and press Enter. See the image below:

In this post we will discuss about how to login to multiple accounts using How to Open Multiple Accounts in Mozilla, Chrome & Internet Explorer

Or, right-click one of the icons IE > Properties > Shortcut tab and in the Goal box add at the end -nomerge. Apply > OK.

If this doesn’t work on Windows 8, try the following:

  • Use Local Account and try this
  • Use the -noframemerging switch instead of -nomerge.

You can also login to multiple accounts by starting a new session as follows. Right-click the Internet Explorer title bar and select > Menu bar. Here you will see an option to start a New session.

So that’s how to open multiple accounts in one web browser that you use, either using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Hopefully useful for you and please comment if you have suggestions, complements or things to ask. Thank You.