How to Order GoJek For Others Easily and Quickly – Actually, messaging GoJek for other people is easy to do. Because, not much different from ordering for yourself. It may only differ regarding the input of the pick-up point and drop-off location.

Definitely before starting to order for someone else. We must have a GoJek application account first. If not, then what do you want to order, don’t you think?

Well, below we will explain briefly, easily, and clearly related to how to order Gojek for other people. So, please read slowly to understand the order flow.

How to Order GoJek for Others

Online motorcycle taxis in this millennial era are one of the best alternatives to make purchases or delivery activities easily and without hassle. Because, with just a few steps, users can order something without having to leave the house.

In addition, users can also make orders for other people, whether it’s for travel purposes (GoRide) or food (GoFood) in the GoJek application. Well, here we will give an example of making an order for someone else for GoJek’s online motorcycle taxi service. The method:

  1. Enter the GoJek application. Then click GoRide (image motor icon)
  2. Next, click on the Find Destination Location column. Then, type the name of the destination location by clicking Select Via Map.
  3. Wait until the Set Pickup Location page appears. If it appears, click Edit’ and type the name of the destination in the Find Pickup Location field or click the Choose via map option by adjusting the waiting location for the person you ordered.
  4. Finally, click Continue.

Notes: Do not forget to provide the contact number of the person to be picked up. This is necessary to facilitate communication between customers and drivers. Provide the waiting contact number in the notes field or through the chat application.

That’s how step by step ordering for other people in the Gojek application. At first glance, it’s almost the same as ordering for yourself. It’s just that the difference lies in the input of the pick-up and delivery location.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to order on the Gojek application for other people. Make sure the pick up location information is written correctly, and don’t forget to communicate with the driver. So that, there is no missing communication between the customer and the driver. That’s all and good luck.