How to Overcome a Slow OPPO A1K Hp

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, now this time we will discuss how to deal with a slow Oppo A1k cellphone.

The reason why the cellphone is often slow is that maybe we often play games, or even edit, etc. This can indeed happen and cause our cellphones to slow down. Because maybe some of us have a lot of activities such as playing or opening media, even opening applications at the same time and various other activities that can cause our cellphones to slow down.

Improper use will cause the cellphone to be slow and lag. Some of the causes of slow oppo a1 k cellphones are as follows.

Running too many applications. Well, it usually happens that we open applications at the same time. Or many applications that we have opened but haven’t released, this can also cause the phone to slow down.

.filter cache is not cleaned

This cache can also affect the cellphone to be slow, be diligent in cleaning ad junk files using the default cleaner for your cellphone.

Usually with a lot of junk files that are not deleted, it will cause the cellphone to lag and heat up quickly, friend

.Excessive RAM consumption

This consumption is also related to the many applications running in the background, friends, usually many applications are opened simultaneously and then not removed.

After knowing some of the causes of our slow cellphone, here we will discuss how to overcome it, friend.

Here may be some ways to overcome a slow Oppo A1k cellphone that you can do.


first tips, try to clean the junk files on your cellphone, that is by using the default cleaner on your cellphone, cleaning the cache will not affect your data, it’s just cleaning the ad junk data. Then you can use the manual method, friend, in addition to using a garbage cleaner, we can also go to our memory file and select the existing files and those that are not in use. Then click the delete section.

Manual steps in addition to using a cleaning application, you can use the following methods, friend.

#Open your cellphone and enter the settings menu.

#Select the menu in the application management section.

# type clear cache to clear cache of applications that are not in use.

#Select each application that you want your friend to have cached

Make sure every application that we have installed we have cleaned the file.

2. CLEAN USING THE Default Cleaner

The default cleaner for the Oppo cellphone is available, don’t forget every time you open the application or play a game, don’t forget to clean the files using the default cleaning application, friend. This will prevent our Oppo A1k cellphone from being slow.


Reload on your cellphone. You can use this when your cellphone is lagging or stuck. This reload will not delete your data or your friend’s application. This reloading aims to normalize the performance of our cellphones.

How to reload on the Oppo A1k cellphone is to just press the on and off button for about 3 seconds, then a reload or turn off menu will appear. Now, my friend can choose in the reload section, then your cellphone will automatically become light again and will not slow down anymore. .

Reload the cellphone, you can use it several times if the cellphone feels heavy or feels lazy, friend.


Reducing applications that are not used or deleting applications that are not too important can also make our cellphones not slow down easily, friend. slow.


Some users may want to use a theme that may be of interest to us. Well, but actually if we use an excessive amount of this theme, it will also affect the cellphone slow and heat up fast, friend.


the last surefire step if your cellphone is still slow after using some of the steps above, you can research your cellphone, friend. And make sure before doing research, make sure the important files are copied first, friend.

Restoring to factory settings means reloading our cellphone and it will look the same as the first time we bought the cellphone. Usually this method is effective so that the cellphone doesn’t slow down. But it needs to be underlined that if we do this, the Google account or others will everything is deleted, so my advice is to copy the important data first on another cellphone, friend.

Then we just re-research the cellphone to factory settings. Usually this method can be considered very effective and can restore the speed of our cellphones like the first time we bought the cellphone, friend.

That’s how to deal with a slow Oppo A1k cellphone, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.

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