How to Overcome a Stiff & Achy Neck – Aches

Overcome a stiff neck – Neck stiffness & aches usually occur due to many factors, namely a position not moving for a long time such as watching TV or a computer, wrong sleeping position, stress, sudden jerks etc. If this stiff neck is left it can cause other problems such as dizziness, emotional, unfocused because the nerves leading to the head area are in the neck.

Some myths say that sleeping without a pillow will overcome a stiff & achy neck is not entirely true. The use of pillows as a sleep support will better support the cervical spine when you fall asleep and of course make your sleep feel comfortable.

We need pillows to show rest for our cervical spine or the nape of the neck. One should look towards filling the gap in the bridge behind the neck. People with long necks should never sleep without a pillow as it will put unwanted pressure on the curve of your neck leading to neck sprains. Being in front of the computer or watching TV in the same position can also cause your neck muscles to tense up. If you do work in front of the computer for a long time, at least you have to get up or walk for at least 5 minutes so that your neck muscles don’t feel stiff and sore. Here are some tips to overcome or prevent so that your neck muscles are not stiff:

Overcoming Stiff & Achy Neck – Aches

Choose a good pillow
The level of comfort is different for each person but it should be noted that the condition of a good pillow based on health will have almost the same standard. Choose a good pillow such as a pillow that is not too soft but also not too hard to help maintain the posture of your neck bones while sleeping. Placing a pillow that is neither too high nor too low will keep the neck bone comfortable when you sleep.

Maintain your sitting posture properly when you have to sit for a long time like work, college or whatever. If you are in a sitting position with poor posture, your neck muscles will experience stiffness, aches or dizziness. place the TV or computer in line with your head so you don’t look down or look up too much.

Excessive stress
Stress tightens the neck muscles which puts pressure on the neck and causes pain. Stress can also trigger headaches and tension or stiffness that radiates to your neck starting from the forehead. Make sure you don’t think too hard that can stress you out, causing your neck to feel stiff.

Good sleeping position
Poor sleeping position is a common cause of neck stiffness and tension. Selection of good sleeping equipment will prevent you from neck muscle tension. Try to sleep in a supine position according to medical experts to prevent you from stiffness or tension in the neck muscles.

An active body will prevent you from straining your neck muscles, but be careful not to make sudden movements in your neck. Warm up before you exercise to stretch your muscles.

Heat therapy
Heat therapy on the back of the neck will help relax your neck muscles. How to use a balm or eucalyptus oil. Or a simple way to put warm water in a bottle or plastic then wipe or place on the back of the neck. This will help relax your stiff neck muscles.