How to Overcome Avast Antivirus Can’t Open

Avast is known as a lightweight antivirus for Windows computers that has many features in it. Plus, for premium users who buy Avast Premier or Internet Security products, of course, there will be more features to protect everything on the computer even more tightly.

Like other antiviruses, Avast sometimes encounters unexpected problems. One of the example is can’t open the program. Sometimes a notification appears, and sometimes not at all.

If you experience something similar, then there are several steps you can follow in order to make the antivirus work again. No need to wait any longer, here are some solutions that you can apply.

1. Restart Windows Explorer

The fastest way is to simply restart Windows Explorer. This can be done through the task manager. So please go to the Task Manager by pressing the button CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and then locate the Windows Explorer process.

If you have found it, please right click and select an option Restart. After that, wait for about 1 minute, and after that try to open Avast Antivirus again.

Restart Windows Explorer

Restarting Windows Explorer can also recover icons that don’t appear in the toolbar or taskbar due to system error. And this method is quite effective if you don’t want to restart the computer.

2. Restart Computer

If restarting Windows Explorer still doesn’t fix it, now try restarting the computer. And of course this is a very powerful way to solve this kind of problem, not even just for Avast.

Restart Explorer

It could be that Avast has a problem when it wants to run at startup when the computer boots, so the program can’t be opened or a notification appears “Avast UI failed to load“.

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3. Use the Repair Feature in Avast Antivirus

This antivirus program has been equipped with tools to recover itself in the event of something like this internal error which causes the program can not work as usual. And the features are not accessed from within the Avast program itself, but through the uninstall file.

To start using it, please go to Windows Settings > Appsthen click button Uninstall on the Avast program. And then select the option Repair.

Overcoming Avast Antivirus Can't Open

The repair process does not take long, and may only take a few minutes. And when it’s finished, please restart the computer and then try to open Avast again. And check if it can now be opened?

4. Completely Reinstall the Program

The last way is to do a full reinstall of Avast. And do this only if some of the solutions above still don’t work. The procedure for uninstalling it is very easy.

Please download Avast Uninstall Utility on the Avast website. It is a program specifically used to perform a full uninstall of the Avast program via Safe Mode. The way to use it is almost the same as uninstalling a program, it’s just that later the computer will enter the computer safe mode in order to completely remove some Avast components.

And after that, please install the Avast program again. And of course now the antivirus can be reopened properly. The chance of succeeding in this last method was very high, so it was impossible if it still failed.

Hopefully useful and good luck