How to Overcome Cannot TopUp ShopeePay at BRImo – Shopee application users may have experienced ShopeePay top up problems when using BRImo? If so, maybe this article can help you deal with it.

The incident of Shopee users not being able to top up Shopeepay at BRImo is indeed a problem in itself. Especially for BRI bank users who want to top up Shopeepay balances.

In addition to using ATM machines and I-Banking, BRI bank users can also use Mobile Banking or commonly known as the BRImo application as a medium for top-up balances. So, it is very easy for users to choose the top up method for one of these e-wallets.

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Why Can’t ShopeePay Top Up Via BRImo?

Currently refilling ShopeePaylater through a BRImo account, sometimes we encounter some users who cannot top up their balance to the fullest.

Of course this is bad news for people who want to use ShopeePay to pay for packages or buy an item that they really need.

There are several factors that make users fail to top up ShopeePaylater balances through the BRImo application. The factors that cause this problem are very diverse. Among others are:

  • Incorrectly Entering Briva Code
  • Passing the Shopeepay top up limit
  • No balance or less
  • System error

Those are some of the reasons why you can’t top up your BRImo balance to ShopeePay. If the user encounters this kind of thing, you can do these things to resolve it.

How to Overcome Cannot TopUp ShopeePay at BRImo

Here are things you need to do if ShopeePay balance top up via BRImo fails. That is:

  • First, make sure that you did not enter the BRIVA code incorrectly. Because this code is very important for the implementation of Shopeepay transfers via ATM or BRI mobile. Don’t forget to double-check first via the 112 + mobile number associated with ShopeePay to make sure there are no problems.
  • SecondAlso, check whether the process of topping up your ShopeePay balance is over the limit. Please note that regular ShopeePaylater accounts are only given a limit of 2 million. Meanwhile, if it has been upgraded, it has a limit of 10 million. This is what causes the top up process to fail.
  • Third, please check your BRI bank balance. Make sure that your balance is sufficient for transfers, fees, and the remaining balance. Because, as we all know, BRI bank has a policy of minimum balance remaining after the transfer process is complete.
  • Fourth, the last system problem again error or problem. If the user does not enter the code incorrectly, the reload does not exceed the limit, and the balance is still there, it can even be said to be a lot. The last thing that might be a problem is a system error.

If this is an obstacle, then please wait a moment (maximum 1×24 hours) until the system recovers. If it has passed the specified time but the error still persists, please contact Shopee CS or BRI Bank.

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That’s the information we can convey related to how to overcome the error cannot top up on BRImo. Hopefully the little information we can convey is useful for you. Moreover, for Shopee application users who want to top up ShopeePaylater using the BRImo application. That’s all and good luck.