How to Overcome Can’t Login on Instagram (IG) Even though the Password is Correct

How to Overcome Can’t Login on Instagram (IG) Even though the Password is Correct – Hello friends, Instagram is an application that is quite popular among teenagers. On Instagram, you can upload photos, videos, reels like on Tiktok, IG TV, and create a story. At this time, almost all levels of society already have an Instagram account. There are even people who have more than one Instagram account. Whether it’s for business or other purposes.

At this time, Instagram is not just an ordinary social media that is only used to upload photos and videos. You can use Instagram for business and as a means to earn money. Therefore, it is not only teenagers who have an Instagram account. Now many parents and business people have started using Instagram.

How to Overcome Can’t Login on Instagram (IG) Even though the Password is Correct

In order to be able to upload photos, videos, or other content on Instagram, the first step you have to do is log in or log into the account you have. To log into an Instagram account is quite easy. You only need to enter the username/phone number/email address registered to your account, then enter the password.

If the login info you entered is correct, then you will automatically be entered directly into your account. However, if the login info you entered is incorrect, you will not be entered into your Instagram account. Usually, the login info error is in writing the password.

However, have you ever experienced an incident where you feel you have entered your password correctly, but you still can’t log in to your account. What actually causes this?

Based on my experience, on average this is caused by human error or our own inaccuracy. If you are experiencing something like that, then you don’t need to worry, because on this occasion I will give tips on how to deal with not being able to login to Instagram even though the password is correct. Here are his tips:

Make sure the password with the account matches

What does the password with the account mean? The mistake that often happens to everyone is entering the wrong password used on the account. You must have known that everyone must have more than one social media, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok. Usually people will give different passwords for each of these accounts. Therefore, make sure you have confirmed the correct password on your Instagram account.

You enter the password that has been changed

A social media account usually often asks users to change passwords periodically. It aims to improve the security of Instagram accounts. The error that often occurs when entering the password to login is still entering the old password. Even though now you have replaced it with a new password. It is very natural to happen because we are used to writing old passwords.

Make sure there are no typos when writing passwords

When typing using the keyboard, you must have often experienced typos or writing errors. The typo can be an excess of letters, lacking letters, lacking punctuation marks, swapped letters and so on. This often happens at the time of writing a password and we do not realize it. Therefore, to avoid typos when writing passwords, please write your account password carefully and carefully.

Make sure the keyboard you are using is not error or damaged

Usually, when writing a password, the password that we write will be displayed in the form of stars. So we don’t know whether the password we typed is correct or not. There was an incident where I wrote down the correct password, but because the keyboard I was using had an error (it couldn’t be in certain letters), the password I typed was wrong. This error usually occurs when you login using a PC/Laptop.

Make sure the use of uppercase and lowercase letters is correct

When creating a password, usually Instagram will suggest that the password is made using a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Errors that often occur when writing passwords are wrong in writing uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, the first letter in the password should be uppercase. However, you are using lowercase letters instead.

Change password from stars to letters

When entering a password to login, usually in the password column there is a menu to display the password in letter form or change the password from stars to letters. This feature aims to make it easier for users to correct the typed password. If the password is displayed in letters, you can find out if there is an error.

Write your password in Notepad first

To make it easier for you to write and correct your password, it would be better if you wrote it down in Notepad first. After the password you typed is correct, you can copy it and paste it in the form provided. This will ensure that the password you have entered is correct.

Yeah, that’s roughly what it is how to solve can’t login on Instagram even though the password is correct. Usually this happens because of human error or mistakes that you make yourself but you don’t realize it. So that it doesn’t happen like that, then I suggest to save your password in notepad or other place that only you know yourself.

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