How to Overcome Can’t Login to AxisNet

AxisNet is a very important application for Axis card users to have. Because the application can control the use of the card, one of which is in terms of the package quota used now, be it internet, telephone, or SMS packages.

AxisNet can also be used to get limited promotion which certainly will not be available in other applications. So the role of AxisNet is actually very big. So if the user can’t open it, it will definitely be a new problem.

If you experience problems logging into the AxisNet application, then there are several things you can try before reporting directly to the support service. Some of the ways are not complicated and can be done quickly. Just look at starting from the first method.

1. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

The AxisNet application does not limit what internet network is used. And even the application can be accessed for free on the Axis card. And unfortunately you can’t access it offline.

So make sure you have a fairly stable internet connection when opening it. As a suggestion, use minimal network 3G, and not a 2G network. It would be even better when using WiFi.

2. Update AxisNet App

Older versions of the application may be a problem, because there may be differences from the FIRE application, so that the old version is no longer used and causes error notifications to appear when opening or logging into AxisNet.

Please update the app via Play Store or Apps Store. And don’t download it from other websites, because it runs the risk of the user not getting a compatible version of his device.

3. OTP Code from Axis Not Accepted

Every time the user enters the AxisNet application, the user must be asked to write down his cellphone number. And then the user will receive an SMS in the form of an OTP code and sometimes AxisNet can immediately detect the presence of the code automatically.

It’s just that when the OTP code cannot be received, of course the user cannot enter the application. And the solution you can do is try to activate airplane mode and then disable it again.

This method is useful forrefresh network manually without having to restart the phone. And if you have, please try to log back into AxisNet. Is the OTP code now available?

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4. Contacting Axis Support Service

If you reach the third point above, you still can’t enter AxisNet, that’s a sign an internal error occurred. Where this problem is not from the user’s side, but from the Axis system itself.

For this problem, usually you just need to wait a while and try to log back in. But you can also ask directly to Axis support services, either from social media such as Twitter or Email, and they will help to check the status.

In conclusion, the problems that occur on AxisNet usually include slow internet connection problems, old application versions, and not entering the OTP code into the cellphone number. Besides, the problem is most likely with the Axis system itself.

From my experience using AxisNet was also not satisfactory. Because the server seems to be downtime many times, so when you want to enter using a cellphone number, an “Error” dialog appears on the screen. But after a few hours, the problem disappeared.

If you want to ask something about the above, or add something else, please comment directly in the column below this article.

Hopefully useful and good luck