How to Overcome Firefox Browser Crashes Often

Firefox is a lightweight browser and also fast in accessing the internet. Since the release of the Quantum version, this browser is getting more and more enthusiasts. But know that no browser is perfect, and all of them have their drawbacks.

Even Firefox has its drawbacks, one of which is like crash when opening multiple tabs at once. But these shortcomings are certainly not experienced by everyone, and only in some people.

Generally, browser crashes can be caused by device memory (RAM) is not sufficient to use. As for other things, such as device specifications, less qualified to be used to open multiple tabs at once.

Overcome the Firefox Browser that Often Crashes

Here I will share some solutions that you can try to overcome this problem. So that opening multiple tabs later you don’t have to worry anymore until it crashes. Please follow some of the ways below starting from the first.

1. Update Firefox Browser Version

Is the Firefox version you are using up to date? If not, it’s good to update it first. Every Firefox update brings several fixes and also improvements to the stability of the device. That’s why updating this version of Firefox is very important.

2. Turn off the Hardware Acceleration Feature

The Hardware Acceleration feature is actually good to activate in order to increase the performance of the browser, but it can crash the browser if the device system does not want to be forced to work more.

To turn off the feature, please open Settings in Firefox, then type Hardware Acceleration in the search field. Later the option will appear and please disable it. After that restart Firefox and see the difference.

3. Use Tab Suspender Addon

Addon named Suspender Tabs has a function to close tabs that have not been used for a certain time. The goal is to increase memory RAM free so that the browser does not crash due to running out of memory from one of the tabs that you always open.

For example, by opening Facebook, it takes tens to hundreds of Mega Bytes of RAM and sometimes it keeps growing. It’s different again if there are several tabs that you open to surf the internet, of course RAM can be used up 1GB only for the browser only.

For that, please use Tab Suspender to free up RAM memory on unused tabs. You can download the addon on the Firefox Addons/Extensions page.

Firefox Tab Suspender Addon

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Not only Firefox can crash suddenly, even the Chrome browser or Chromium countrymen can crash under certain conditions. And actually to minimize the incident can be done by upgrading the RAM.

If you have any questions or other additions regarding the method above, please write them in the comments column below.

Hopefully useful and good luck