How to Overcome Instagram DM (IG) Error Sending Failed

How to Overcome Instagram DM (IG) Error Sending Failed – Hello friends, Instagram is a social media used to upload content in the form of photos, videos, reels, and IGTV. With these many features, at this time Instagram is one of the social media with the largest number of active users in the world. There is even an account that has up to 390 million followers.

Besides being used to upload posts in the form of photos, videos, reels, and IGTV, it turns out that on Instagram you can also send messages to other users or often also called DM (Direct Message). On Instagram, you can send messages to everyone whether you follow or you don’t follow.

How to Overcome Instagram DM (IG) Error Sending Failed

How to Overcome Instagram DM (IG) Error Sending Failed

The activity of sending messages on Instagram is very often done by its users. Because users can send posts via DM, reply to stories that other users reply to, or deliberately chat through Instagram

When sending a message via Instagram DM, have you ever experienced where the message you sent always failed with a “Failed to send” notification. Of course it will really bother you. Especially if the message you want to send via DM is very important and must be read quickly by the recipient.

There are several reasons why Instagram DMs can fail to send errors. One of the causes that often happens is because you DM too many people in a short time or you send inappropriate messages to other people so that people report them.

Then what to do if the Instagram DM error failed to send. If you experience this, then you must fix it immediately. Do you already know how to solve the Instagram DM error failed to send? If you don’t know how to fix it, please follow this tutorial:

Don’t use the DM feature for a while

If your Instagram is having problems with Direct Messages (DM), it could be because you send too many DMs to other people in a short period of time. So that Instagram considers it an act of SPAM. Therefore, so that Instagram does not detect your account is doing SPAM, for the time being, don’t use the DM feature first.

Don’t SPAM Direct Message

SPAM is doing the same thing over and over again in a short time. If the SPAM is included in the DM category, it means that the SPAM referred to here is sending messages or DMs to many people in a short time. So, if you want to send a message to other people, please send a message appropriately, don’t overdo it.

Avoid sending inappropriate messages

Instagram is very sensitive to inappropriate things. Such as harsh words, pornography, illegal goods and so on. Therefore, to avoid any restrictions imposed by Instagram on your DM account, you should never send inappropriate messages to other people.

Clear Instagram app data

An application that is used continuously will certainly have junk files or large cache files as well. If these files are not cleaned, then the application will not run optimally. This causes various kinds of errors to occur. Therefore, to prevent errors in Instagram DMs, please delete the Instagram application data periodically.

Update the Instagram application to the latest version

An application that is still active today will always update or update regularly. The update aims to fix existing bugs and add new features in it. An application that has not been updated is most likely an error in it. Therefore, to avoid sending errors in your DM, please update the Instagram application to the latest version.

Instagram server is down

An application as big as Instagram certainly requires a large server because the number of users and the content that has been uploaded on the server is too large. When the server that holds all the Instagram application data goes down or is interrupted, all Instagram services will also be disrupted. One of them is the DM service on Instagram. If this happens, then the only thing that can be done is to wait for the Instagram server to return to normal.

Your instagram account is blocked by the recipient

In addition to the follow feature that allows users to follow each other, it turns out that the Instagram application also provides a feature to block other users. This feature was created so that users can block other users who are considered annoying. When an account is blocked by someone else, the account will not be able to send messages to it.

Contact Instagram help center

The last step you can do if all of the above methods still fail is to contact the Instagram help center. When contacting the Instagram help center, please describe your problem as completely and in as much detail as possible. Explain the chronology of why your DM can get an error. After that, please do the advice given by Instagram.

Yeah, that’s roughly what it is how to solve Instagram DM error failed to send. One of the causes that often occurs is because users send messages or DMs to other people too often. So that Instagram considers it as SPAM. Therefore, use the DM feature properly.

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