How to Overcome Instagram (IG) Can’t Follow Other People

How to Overcome Instagram (IG) Can’t Follow Other People – Hello friends, Instagram is a social media that allows users to upload photos and videos on their accounts. In order to be friends on Instagram, you only need to follow or follow other people. Usually, the people you follow will follow you back or are often referred to as follbacks.

In an Instagram account, the number of followers really determines the reach of the posts you upload. The more Instagram followers you have, the wider the audience reach of each photo or video you post on Instagram. Usually, the more followers of an Instagram account, the more likes and comments you will get on each upload.

How to Overcome Instagram (IG) Can’t Follow Other People

How to Overcome Instagram (IG) Can’t Follow Other People

For people who have just created an Instagram account, usually they will find it difficult to get followers. Therefore, new accounts will follow first to the accounts of their friends or public figures they idolize.

When we first create Instagram, of course we will follow everyone we already know. Sometimes the number of people we follow is too much so that Instagram considers it spam. So don’t be surprised if many accounts become unable to follow other people’s accounts. If you experience this. Do you already know how to solve it?

Actually this is a form of protection from Instagram so that the Instagram application is protected from spam by robots. If you follow too many people at one time, Instagram will consider it spam, so Instagram limits your account to not being able to follow other people. If your account is currently being restricted, here’s how to fix it:

Please log out first from your account

The first way you can do if your Instagram account is limited by Instagram so you can’t follow other people is by first exiting the Instagram account. Because Instagram already considers your account to be spam, then you have to pause the activity on your account. You can logout your account for the next 1-2 days.

Don’t like, comment, follow, and unfollow

If you have logged back into your account, then you must first stop the activities you usually do on Instagram such as giving likes, comments, following people, and unfollowing people. This is so that Instagram will no longer consider your account as spam.

Don’t do SPAM actions

SPAM is an act that is strictly prohibited by all parties. One of them is Instagram. In using the Instagram application, make sure you don’t do activities that can be considered spam. Activities such as following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting too much can cause your account to be restricted due to SPAM.

Don’t immediately follow a lot of people if your account is new

What other people usually do after creating an Instagram account is to immediately follow many people at once in a short time. This is not highly recommended. When a new account is created, then follow the people who are important to you first. After that, please wait for 3-4 days, then continue to follow other people.

Unfollow accounts that are no longer active

When following an account, you should not be careless in following an account. Make sure the account you follow is still actively used. Because if you follow an account that is no longer active, it will only fill your following. So, if you have continued to follow inactive accounts, please just unfollow those accounts.

Complete the profile on your Instagram account

When creating an Instagram account, make sure you have completed all the profiles provided on Instagram. Such as name, bio, phone number, email address, profile photo, and so on. Because when your profile is incomplete, Instagram will assume your account has not been created. So when you do too many activities, Instagram can think of it as SPAM.

Clear instagram app data

Another thing you can do to overcome an Instagram account that can’t follow other people is by deleting the Instagram application data. By deleting the Instagram application data, the cache files on Instagram will be deleted as well. Your Instagram app will be completely clean and like new. The thing to note before you delete data is make sure you remember your account login.

Ask for help directly from the Instagram Team

If after doing various ways and waiting for days but your Instagram account still can’t follow, then the last step you have to do is ask the Instagram team for help. Please explain the chronology of the incident in as much detail as possible, and ask Instagram to open restrictions on your account.

Yeah, it’s roughly like that how to solve instagram account can’t follow other people’s accounts. If your account can’t follow other people. This means that your account is being restricted by Instagram. One of the reasons is that you are doing activities that are considered SPAM. So when you’re using Instagram, make sure you do normal activities.

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