How to Overcome Oppo’s Forgotten Pattern 2022

Peace be upon you, my friend, back in this article, Mimin will discuss how to overcome the Oppo HP forgot the 2022 pattern.

OPPO is a well-known company in China where the products have been used by everyone and most of all, including in Indonesia

So what if we forget to pattern or lock the screen on our cellphone, friend. We will discuss later in this article, friend. Hopefully it can help friends who may have forgotten the pattern or screen lock.

Oppo cellphones have a screen lock feature that will add security to our cellphones, friend. Oppo’s cellphone has been equipped with several security so that not everyone can open our cellphone, friend.

Actually there are several ways to overcome or re-open the pattern or screen lock on the Oppo cellphone that we may forget to open, friend.

But my friend must understand first if my friend has never done this.


how to deal with hp oppo forgot pattern, my friend can do this way, friend.

1. Buddy, borrow the cellphone of a relative, friend or relative to call our cellphone.

2. Then there will be an incoming call. So my friend, please select the menu and enter the pattern lock section, friend. Don’t forget to activate the internet data too.

3. for the next time, repeat the method of overcoming the forgotten pin by selecting in the forget password menu after the internet on the cellphone is connected or connected.

4. You just enter the wrong pattern three times, then the forget password menu will appear, friend. Then just click on how to forget the password. And you can enter your email on your cellphone. Make sure the email is already registered on the cellphone, friend.

5. After successful login, you will be given a menu to create a new pattern and you can disable the pattern or stick with the new pattern that you have created.


1. first, my friend, turn off your cellphone first, friend. Then make sure the cellphone battery is still fully charged, then you can press the power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Then the recovery menu will appear followed by just clicking on the factory data section.

2. then my friend just select delete all users using the volume buttons to shift it, friend.

3. When finished, the cellphone will automatically turn on and will return to the initial settings, friend

So, those are some steps you can do when you forget the lock screen pattern or password on your cellphone.

HOW TO QUICKLY OVERCOME OPPO’s cellphone is stuck or jammed

a quick way to deal with an oppo cellphone that is stuck or missing when in use, some even can’t be touched.

Well maybe my friend has experienced this, usually this happens when we are cool playing games or cool video editing then suddenly the cellphone hangs or lags, which can’t be pressed or is heavy.

An easy way to solve this is by reloading your phone, the trick is to just click on the power on off button for about three seconds, then the off menu and reload menu will appear.

Then my friend can select the reload section and wait a few seconds then the cellphone will automatically turn on itself and then the cellphone will not lag and hang again, friend.

Okay, that’s how to fix the Oppo cellphone, forgetting the latest 2022 pattern. Hopefully it’s useful for all of you, don’t forget to stop by Mimin’s other articles here, OK?