How to Overcome OPPO’s Total Dead in 2022

Peace be upon you, my friend, see you again with Mimin. Now this time Mimin will share tricks and tips on how to deal with a totally dead Oppo cellphone.

Well maybe for those of you who have experienced a completely dead cellphone, you can try the trick that Mimin will share. Before we discuss how to deal with a completely dead Oppo cellphone, let’s first discuss the cause of the cellphone suddenly dying, friend.

Usually, there are two causes of the cellphone being completely dead, friend. The first could be damage to the components of the cellphone or usually being exposed to a virus in the cellphone or even the age of the cellphone.

Different causes, of course, the way to fix it is also different, friend, first identify the initial cause of the cellphone suddenly turning itself off.

So, here are the steps that you can do when your cellphone suddenly turns off, friend.


Malware or viruses can damage the components of your cellphone which results in damaging the components in the cellphone.

Even though it doesn’t attack directly, malware can cause damage to our cellphone components, friend.

one of the consequences that will occur if the cellphone is exposed to a virus is one of them is total death, friend. In general, malware is created to damage components in certain parts of the cellphone.

Now for how to make the phone turn on again, my friend can flash it again, how to press the power on off button simultaneously, friend.

Re-flashing is important, my friend, try if the cellphone suddenly turns off, friend.


How to deal with an oppo f11 cellphone that is slow or hangs when we use it. This happens if we use our cellphone for too long, even when we play games, edit videos or other things that can make our cellphones slow.

How to deal with a slow f11 cellphone, you can do the following ways.

1. Open the safe file on your cellphone. Then select the menus in it. If there are files that can’t be opened, please delete them, friend. This also affects the cellphone so it’s slow.

2. the remaining ad files on your cellphone or in the application cache, you can delete them, yes. The way is to open each application on your cellphone, then click and select data usage, then select the delete cache menu.

3. Reload the cellphone, reload the ho will not remove it. Your data, just reloading the cellphone will make the applications running in the background stop. And make sure you don’t open many applications when using your cellphone, friend.

The way to reload the cellphone is by pressing the volume on and off button, friend. Tap it for about 2 seconds, a reload and off menu will appear, buddy, just select it in the reload section.

Let stand for 10 seconds then the cellphone will immediately turn on automatically again and the cellphone will not be slow anymore, friend.

If some of the above but your cellphone is still slow, you can update the cellphone by returning to the initial settings of the cellphone or researching the factory settings.

Usually this last method is quite effective and usually makes our cellphones run smoothly, friend.

It is necessary to pay attention when returning the cellphone to factory settings, make sure the things that you need can be copied or moved to another cellphone, friend, because if we have re-researched the initial settings then all data will be deleted including gmail etc.

Which means that the cellphone will return to the way it was when you first bought the cellphone. The advantage if we have re-researched the factory settings is that the cellphone becomes light and doesn’t lag anymore, friend.

It’s just that if we have done the factory settings, then for the important applications, my friend usually installs again in the Play Store because the applications that have been installed will be automatically deleted.

That’s why you can copy important files first. Usually this method is effective in overcoming the cellphone so it doesn’t slow down. It’s just that after everything is finished we have to enter Gmail and other data, friend.

That’s how the discussion overcame the completely dead Oppo cellphone in 2022, hopefully this article will be useful for you. Don’t forget to visit other friends’ articles here, too.