How to Overcome Pending or Unsent WhatsApp Messages

Pending messages on WhatsApp are marked with a gray clock icon. Normally, this is due to an unstable network on the phone or from the WhatsApp server side that is having problems.

Likewise with messages that fail to send, the cause is still the same. But the difference is from red clock icon. And as long as ISP used does not block WhatsApp, messages should be sent properly without any problems.

But there are several things that make the message pending/failed even though the phone is connected to the internet. And in this article, we will explain some of the steps you can take to make it normal again.

WhatsApp Message Pending or Failed to Send Solution

1. Restart Internet Connection

If you are using a WiFi network, please restart the connection via modem/router. If you are confused about how, please contact the service ISP used, they will guide the procedure for restarting the modem.

Meanwhile if you are using a cellular network (DATA), please turn on airplane mode for 1 minute and then turn it off. This method serves to refresh the signal / network on the cellphone, and in some cases can also stabilize the internet connection.

2. Check Internet Connection Availability on WhatsApp

Even though the internet connection has been activated on the cellphone, sometimes we do not realize whether it is available to use to surf the internet. But you can check it by visiting the Google website, WhatsApp, or the like.

If you can’t access all websites, it means that there is a problem with the internet connection that you are using which makes messages on WhatsApp pending or even fail.

Try to check the internet quota you have, who knows if it has run out or has expired so it can’t be used anymore. And if the internet quota is still there, it means that the problem is in the settings APN.

Meanwhile, to set the APN, please ask the operator of the SIM card that you are using. Of course they will guide you on how to set it up properly.

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3. Check WhatsApp App Updates

Please check the Play Store or Apps Store to make sure the WhatsApp application you are using is the latest version. If there is an update, please update it immediately.

By updating the application, all messaging or contact data contained in the application will remain safe. Precisely by regularly updating it will avoid this kind of problem.

Avoid using the app WhatsApp Mod which is widespread on Google, because later the cellphone will not be able to receive updates from the official WhatsApp.

4. Possible Error from WhatsApp Server

Several times the WhatsApp server has experienced problems which resulted in a message not being delivered perfectly. Although it rarely happens, but you can confirm it by asking friends around you. Because this problem will affect all users, not just you.

There’s nothing you can do except wait until the WhatsApp server recovers. Usually this is not long and only a maximum of 1 day and then everything will return to normal.

Normally, unsent or pending messages are caused by an unavailable or unstable internet connection. But on the other hand, it can also be caused by the WhatsApp server itself, which is currently experiencing temporary problems.

Apply the solutions above starting from the first to be effective. And I can make sure the message that was not sent or pending earlier will be sent immediately. If you have any questions regarding some of the solutions above, please comment in the column provided below.

Hopefully useful and good luck