How to Overcome RPundefined When Checking BNI Mobile Banking Balance – When someone wants to check the balance through the BNI Mobile Banking application, suddenly the balance cannot be seen and a notification ‘Your balance is Rpundefined’ appears.

This incident also made some customers panic and ask questions. What is the meaning of Rp undefined in BNI banking? Has there been a problem or error in the BNI system, or has the balance in it been lost?

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to the article Rp undefined BNI mobile banking. So, please read to the end to find out the full details.

What Is Rpundefined That Appears When Checking BNI Mobile M Banking Balance?

You need to know, the BNI Mobile Banking application often updates to fix various problems and add features to make it easier for users.

In the latest version of BNI Mobile Banking update, there are several changes to the position of the menu icon. For example, when the user wants to check the balance. You don’t have to look for the menu anymore. Because, account detail information, starting from the owner’s name, account number, and information on the amount of the balance is already listed on the application homepage.

For the nominal amount of the balance, on the application homepage it does not directly display account information, the user needs to press the eye icon option to display the amount of money you have at BNI Bank.

In some cases, when the user presses the eye icon, what appears is not the amount of balance he has. But the words ‘Rpundefined’. This also confused the owner of this BNI banking account.

Regarding this issue, you don’t need to worry. Because, the balance is still safe and not even 1 rupiah is lost. Undefined Rp appears in the Mobile Bank BNI application, only a temporary error. So, no need to panic when you get this notification.

How to Overcome RPundefined BNI Mobile Banking

To resolve this Rpundefined notification, please try to access the BNI Mobile Banking application again some time later. Then re-check the balance information you have.

Another alternative is if your cellphone number is registered with BNI’s m-banking service and has credit. Please check balance information via SMS Banking service.

Don’t forget to update the application to the latest version. Because, by doing this, customers will be given the latest service from BNI M-Banking, and also solve problems with the application in the previous version.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the issue of the undefined RP of BNI bank. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for users of this official BNI application.

By the way, if this problem still persists and after doing the above the application still displays the Rp undefined code on balance checks. Please contact the BNI call center at 1500046 for further handling. Thank you and hopefully useful