How to Overcome Shyness (Not Confidence)

As published in the Indonesian Wikipedia, shame is a form of human emotion. Shame has various meanings, namely an emotion, understanding, statement, or condition experienced by humans as a result of an action that was done before, and then wants to cover it up. People with disgrace naturally want to hide from others because they feel uncomfortable if their actions are known by others or feel uncomfortable when other people see or know everything that they do not want others to know.

Everyone must have a shy nature, only the level is different, some are very shy and some have high self-confidence. Being shy is actually expected in our side of life like a disgrace to do negative things that harm oneself or others, a disgrace to take actions that are outside the norm of law, decency or applicable regulations.

Such shame is very good for keeping our behavior on a positive path, because in this modern era most people have no shame anymore. As a pattern, the corruptors feel innocent and still look confident even when the court has a sign of their wrongdoing. Shame is not a negative side, as long as you can put it in the right place.

So what kind of disgrace you have to overcome in yourself. Shame in the sense of not believing in yourself. Shame like this will prevent you from expressing your inner talents, talents and abilities. There are several things that make this disgrace (not self-confidence) appear, including:

  • Want to always look perfect.
  • Feeling unable, unable or feeling no talent.
  • Lack of socialization (closed)
  • Fear, anxiety / excessive worry
  • and many other factors that influence

Shyness is possessed by many people. But this trait can prevent us from getting a lot of positive life experiences and limit ourselves to doing good things that we can do together for the sake of life’s success. Here’s how to overcome shame and cultivate self-confidence.

Stop thinking about perfection
Everyone is born imperfect, they have strengths and weaknesses, including you. So don’t ever think about the fear of being wrong, the fear of failure, the fear of not being able to etc. this will only limit your potential. Don’t be a perfectionist. Not everything you say and do has to be perfect. Accept yourself as you are. Focus on the outside rather than on yourself. Distract yourself from anxiety and embarrassment by focusing on everything around you – people, environment, food, and anything related to social situations.

Get rid of anxiety, fear, excessive worry
People who are shy (not confident) are usually afraid of things that don’t necessarily happen so they will limit their potential with the words «maybe later ..», «if I’m wrong», «if I can’t» etc. Stop haunting what hasn’t happened and do it… If something unexpected or dream happens later, consider it a lesson to do better in the future.

A person who is shy (not confident) generally prefers to be alone, closed and does not have many friends. By socializing or hanging out with many friends will grow your confidence. Associate with confident people, do good to everyone and with more good social relations you will be more confident in your life.

Always look good and be nice
Is it because you are afraid that people will judge your appearance, your physical characteristics, and so on. There’s always a reason why you react in so many situations. That’s why you should always look good and be nice to everyone. If you feel comfortable with how you look with everyone around you, what else makes you insecure?

Smiling not only makes you feel better and confident, but smiling will also make other people feel comfortable with your behavior. Practice making eye contact and smiling at others. Chat with strangers about the weather and the latest information.

Practice to be more assertive
Learn to be assertive. Speak for your sake, express your opinion in a non-confrontational way. People who are shy or insecure will usually only «follow» other people’s opinions for fear that their opinions will not be accepted by others.

Don’t be afraid of rejection
Stop imagining the worst outcome of every situation.

Think more positively
Positive thoughts do affect many things in your life. If you always think positively then it also has an exclusive impact on your behavior which is also positive. Build a positive sense of yourself, don’t give up easily and have fun. People will like you for who you are.