How To Overcome Sorry You Can’t Buy This Product on Telkomsel – When buying a Telkomsel internet provider package, you may have received a notification “sorry you can’t buy this product”. In fact, usually these packages can be purchased easily.

The incident of not being able to buy an internet package on Telkomsel sometimes makes users confused about what to do. Even though the credit is sufficient to be able to purchase packages on this Telkomsel card.

Well, below we will share tips on how to deal with notifications, sorry you can’t buy this product. So, Telkomsel card users can buy their flagship package again.

Sorry, you can’t buy Telkomsel products

Notifications of failure in purchasing this package are often experienced by users who always buy the same package. For example, you continue to buy a Telkomsel 15GB night package for IDR 25,000 with an active period of 30 consecutive days. Then there will be a message with a message that you can’t buy the product.

In addition to the night package, this also often happens to Telkomsel prepaid card customers who activate voice, sms, and internet packages with the same package repeatedly. This is what makes some Telkomsel customers get the notification.

Then, is there a solution for this error failed to buy a product at Telkomsel, min? Obviously there is. Because every problem has a solution.

Well, below we will provide a solution so you can activate your flagship package again. So, please read carefully so you can easily apply it.

How to Solve Sorry You Can’t Buy This Product on Telkomsel

To solve the notification problem, I’m sorry you can’t buy this product, it’s actually not that hard to do. However, users need to be extra patient to be able to use it again.

Because, the solution for the notification of failing to activate the package is to wait for it for 1×24 hours or 1 day and 1 night. Later the package will be able to be used again.

It’s very long, I have to wait 24 hours, is there any other solution?

Of course there is. You just need to contact Telkomsel CS to convey the complaint you are experiencing. For example, you can’t buy a Telkomsel night package and get the notification.

If so, the Telkomsel admin will try to handle it by asking for your Telkomsel SIMpati, As, or Loop number. Later, they will try to fix the problem so that it can be resolved quickly.

Wait until CS Telkomsel fixes it. If so, buy the product again and see if the package has been purchased or not. Done

That’s the information that we can convey related to overcoming, sorry you can’t buy this product at the Telkomsel provider. I hope the above information will make it easier for you to solve this problem. Thank you and hopefully useful.