How to Overcome Virtex WA Well and Correctly – For users of the WhatsApp application who have been harassed by friends by sending a virtex virus, they may want to immediately overcome the virus. The reason is, the existence of a virtex makes WA users lag, blank, even temporarily slow.

Indeed, if we explore more about this WhatsApp virtex, users don’t need to worry if they receive it. The reason is, the virus given is also temporary and not permanently attached to your WA application.

However, maybe some users feel uncomfortable with the virus from this WA virtex. Because the activities that are usually carried out in this application are a little disturbed because of this virtex spam.

Therefore, below we will provide information on how to deal with virtex WA properly and correctly. So that the WhatsApp victim’s account can return to normal. Here’s the full explanation.

How to Overcome Virtex WA

For victims of bullying people using virtex wa spam or wa chat bombs and don’t know how to deal with it, below we will provide a solution.

Block Sender’s WhatApp Contacts

The first thing you need to do is block the contact who sent the WA spam. However, this only applies to victims of virtex wa, which allows users to block contacts and chat with the person who sent the message.

But, if you are sent wa messages repeatedly to make HP lag and can’t be opened, maybe you can use the method to overcome the second whatsapp virtex below.

Delete Sender Chat via WA Web

If you can’t open chat via the application, you can use web assistance to log into your WhatsApp account. With a note that the user’s WA is still there and actively used.

Users can open WA via an Android or iPhone cellphone browser, or via a computer, laptop. Because, the virtex script virus has no effect on WhatsApp web users.

Delete WhatsApp Account Data

If the second method seems complicated, you can also use this third method, namely deleting WA application data. Of course, you also need an account number that will later be created as a re-login.

However, this trick also has a negative side, namely that all stored data will be deleted. Unless the user has backed it up. Because by doing a WhatsApp account backup can load files and data can be recovered.

Delete and Reinstall the WA Application

The last way we recommend is to delete, download, and reinstall the WhatApp application. This can also overcome the virtex wa account that you are currently dealing with.

Please download and install the latest version of wa to get rid of this virus back into your WhatsApp account chat.

Those are some efforts so that the WA virtex virus can be resolved, please use some of the methods above so that your WhatApp application is back to normal.

How to Prevent Virtex WhatsApp Chat Spam

When you have experienced virtex virus interference in the WhatsApp application, maybe some users also want to know about whether there is a way to prevent the user’s WA account from being exposed to the virtex virus again.

Because, maybe the existence of the virus creates its own trauma for the people who receive it.

Well, below we have a way to prevent the virtex virus from entering your WhatsApp account. But, users need to delete the official WhatsApp application to become non-official. Because this is custom wa apk which can ward off the virtex chat spam virus (virkon wa and slayer 07). Here’s how to use it.

  1. Please delete the official Wa app first.
  2. Next, open the browser on your Android phone or iPhone, then type in the search engine ‘WA Immune’.
  3. Download and install the WA Immune apk via one of the provider sites.
  4. If so, login using the user’s WA account number.
  5. Verify and follow the instructions to be able to use WA Immune. Calm! Not much different from the official version of wa. Done

Questions About Overcome Virtex WA Applications

Here are some of the questions we have share on this whatsapp virtex virus problem:

  • Is there a way to prevent Vitex without deleting WA data or apps? Please use WA web or backup first and then re-login.
  • Is there a way to delete virtex chat on WA that can’t be opened at all? You can use the web version of WhatsApp or delete the wa application directly.
  • If the WA application lags badly, so what can you do to enter it? While the wa number has been lost. Please turn off the data first and then block the chat sender.
  • How long can the virtex virus go away? I don’t know either. at most 1 day.
  • The WA Immune can’t be installed on the cellphone, is there any other application? So far we haven’t found any other application besides this virkon wa and slayer 07.
  • Is the WhatsApp Immune apk safe? Because this application is the result of this modification, so we can not confirm whether it is safe or not. It’s safer to use the original version with the risk of getting spammed again.
  • How to solve the virtex virus without deleting the application, bro, because there is an important chat? You can turn off the data first and then delete the spam chat sender or via the WA web.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to overcome the most effective virtex wa 2022. Hopefully the little information we convey is useful for people who are having problems with this spam virus.

Although it’s a bit annoying, especially for victims of WhatApp virtex posts, you can use the presence of this virus script for fraudsters in the online world. Thank you and hopefully useful.