How to Pay Akulaku but Lost Account – Julybe Akulaku users who still have bills will be confused when their account is lost. This lost Akulaku account can occur for various reasons, one of which is the cellphone carrying the Akulaku application login account is lost.

To overcome this, users need to freeze their Akulaku account first. So that my Akulaku account is not misused for the negative purposes of the person who brings it now.

Then how to deal with paying for a lost account because the cellphone no longer exists, min?. Well, below we will briefly explain the steps for paying Akulaku when the account no longer exists.

How to Pay Akulaku but Lost Account

There are several things you need to do to be able to pay the bill back when the user loses his cellphone along with access to his Akulaku account. Among others are:

Freezing Akulaku Account

The first thing you need to do is freeze your lost Akulaku account. Please contact Akulaku customer service through the call center so that the account freezing process is faster.

Explain in as much detail as possible that you are having problems losing your HP and cannot log into your Akulaku account. For forgetting the login address such as the number or email associated with the cellphone.

In addition, ask Akulaku not to allow any transactions. Because the transaction is not the original owner of the Akulaku account.

Changing Akulaku account phone number

For those of you who want to pay for Akulaku whose account has been lost due to the above problem, you can request a change of number via Akulaku’s support email.

Not much different from submitting an account freeze, we need to apply for a number change with the reason that the cellphone was lost in detail. If necessary, attach official documents such as photos, ID cards, and residential addresses to strengthen the application.

Example Format

To: [email protected]
Subject : Submission to change Akulaku account number
Message Content
To Akulaku
By sending this message, we inform you that we want to change the phone number associated with my Akulaku account. Because the cellphone that holds the Akulaku account has been lost.

Please provide assistance to freeze the Akulaku account and replace it with the number we have listed below.

  • Name according to ID Card
  • Phone Number (Lost):
  • Phone Number (New):
  • Home address:
  • Work :
  • Company name :
  • Office address :
  • Phone number. Office :

I thank you for the help.

Make sure the data you send is in the same format when registering an account. Do not forget! Attach a photo and ID card to strengthen the application.

After my party agreed to the submission and changed the number, there were no previous lost cellphones. Re-login to the old account. so we can see the bill and pay it.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the problem of how to pay Akulaku but the account is lost. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for all of you.

Basically, to pay bills in this lost account, you need to be able to access it first. Because, it’s not possible for us to change to a new Akulaku account that was previously verified and there are bills that need to be paid.

The unpaid bills, if left unchecked, will have consequences that need to be borne. Users who fail to pay installments or credit will be asked to pay arrears + interest according to Akulaku’s policy. Thank you and hopefully useful.