How to Pay on My Telkomsel Using OVO

OVO is an online wallet service that is quite popular in Indonesia. Currently, OVO has collaborated with several cellular cards to simplify the payment process. One of them is Telkomsel Card.

Now users can pay in the My Telkomsel application using OVO. Of course, the balance that is deducted will be exactly the same as the nominal that appears on the product page, aka there is no such addition PPN again.

In addition, you can also use OVO Points too you know. So if you have a lot of points on OVO, you can use it to pay for something on My Telkomsel. Be it credit, data packages, and so on.

Tutorial on Paying My Telkomsel with OVO

Before discussing it, know in advance that not all products on My Telkomsel can be purchased with OVO. So only certain products, such as credit, data packages, and so on. But it is possible that in the future OVO will support all products.

The following is the procedure for purchasing products on My Telkomsel using the OVO payment method:

  1. Open the My Telkomsel application.

  2. Select the product you want to buy, for example a package Night Internet.

  3. Tap the button Buy to buy it.

    Tap the BUY button

  4. Then on the payment method, please select OVO.

    Paying My Telkomsel Using OVO

  5. Continue pressing the button PAY.

  6. Then enter the OVO number in the column provided, then press the button Continue.

    Filling OVO Number

  7. A confirmation notification from OVO will appear, please open it.

  8. Now you can choose to use OVO Cash or OVO Points to pay for it.

    Pay My Telkomsel with OVO

  9. And tap the button BAYAR to forward payments.

  10. Done, product purchase has been successful.

You will receive a notification in the My Telkomsel application stating that the payment has been successful and the product purchased will be active immediately. And from some of my own experiences, the process of receiving the product runs instantaneously, aka it doesn’t take long after the payment is successful.

Payment Solution Successful But Product Not Received

To be honest, I have never experienced this kind of problem, but most likely the problem is caused by the My Telkomsel server that is currently experiencing an error or temporary interruption. For that, please wait a few minutes to receive the purchased product.

But if you have waited a long time, for example, 1 hour and have not received the product, it would be much better if you contact the Telkomsel operator and explain the problem. Don’t forget to attach proof of payment that appear in OVO history.

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Purchasing products on My Telkomsel can indeed use OVO, however not all products that supports this payment method. From my own experience, there are several internet package products that still cannot be purchased with OVO. In fact, some of them only support credit-type payment methods.

If you have problems when doing the tutorial above, it’s a good idea to write these obstacles in the comments column. And I will help as soon as possible.

Hopefully useful and good luck