How to Pay PLN Electricity Online Without Admin Fees

Nowadays there are lots of websites or applications to pay electricity bills online with an instant process, but there are admin fees that vary on each of these websites or applications. Which on average is around Rp. 2000.

But actually there is a way to pay the electricity bill without the need for additional admin fees, so the total paid will be in accordance with the amount charged. And here I will share how to do it.

Paying electricity without admin fees can be done in two ways, the first is through the PLN Mobile application, and the second is waiting for an admin fee discount promo on a website/application.

Pay Electricity Bills at PLN Mobile Without Admin Fees

The PLN Mobile application can be used to pay electricity bills easily. And another advantage is that users can pay without incurring additional admin fees, but this option only applies to certain payment methods.

From my own experience, the payment methods that support free admin fees are Independent VA. And if you don’t have an Mandiri account, please use an online wallet application like Wallet Funds to pay for it.

Sometimes I use the DANA application to transfer to a Mandiri virtual account without any transfer fees. Because DANA provides free access to transfers to bank accounts 10 times every month.

The steps to pay electricity bills through the PLN Mobile application are also quite easy, here are the steps:

  1. Open the PLN Mobile application.

  2. Tap on Customer ID or Meter Number.

  3. After that on the Billing option, please tap the button Bayar.

  4. Then select a payment method Independent VA.

  5. After that, please pay to the virtual account number listed on the screen and according to the nominal written there.

  6. If it has been paid, you will get a notification from the PLN Mobile application that the bill has been paid successfully.

I have been using this method for several months and as a result have never paid an admin fee though.

Oh yes, you also need to register an account first in the PLN Mobile application so you can do the steps above. And no need to perform additional verification if it is only used to pay bills. So after registering, please add your Customer ID or meter number, then check the bill and pay.

Through Admin Fee Free Discount Promo for Electricity Bill Payment

Whether in an online wallet application or on a site that provides services for electricity payments, sometimes they provide limited discount in the form of free admin fees. For example, on a marketplace site, similar Tokopedia.

In online wallet apps like Wallet Funds have also provided this promo for a limited time. You can follow updates on social media accounts for electricity bill payment sites so you don’t miss this promo.

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Paying electricity bills through the PLN Mobile application can be done without the need to pay additional admin fees, but this option only applies to the Mandiri VA payment method. And it is possible that the free admin fee will also be applied to other payment methods someday.

Meanwhile you can also get discount promos free of admin fees on a website that provides electricity payment services, but know that these promos are usually limited and only available once a month.

So which way will you choose? If I still use the PLN Mobile application because of the convenience of the transaction, and I don’t have to wait for more promos. And if you have any questions regarding the methods above or perhaps other additions, please write them in the comments column below.

Hopefully useful and good luck