How to Pay Spotify Premium with OVO

Currently, there are several types of premium plans available on Spotify. Some of them provide their own advantages, one of which is different in terms of features. While all premium packages have something in common, namely there are no ads and can skip songs without any restrictions.

Basically Spotify provides trial access for the first time of use, approximately 1 month. After the trial period ends, the user will be asked to pay for the subscription with the payment method selected.

The good news is that you can now pay for Spotify Premium with OVO. So you don’t need to provide credit card details to enjoy premium access. What is certain is that the payment process is very fast and only takes a few taps.

Tutorial on Paying Spotify Premium Using OVO

You need to know in advance that the payment option with OVO is only valid for one time pay. So it’s different from a subscription, and when the premium period is over, you can buy it again to renew it.

Here’s how to pay for Spotify Premium with OVO:

  1. Go to the Spotify website and sign in to your account.

  2. Next, please go to the Spotify Premium page and select the desired premium package.

  3. Then scroll down to the section One time payplease choose how many months you will buy the package.

    Choosing the Spotify Premium Monthly Plan

  4. Later a payment option will appear, please select OVO.

    Paying Spotify with OVO

  5. Then scroll down and click the button Mulai Spotify Premium-ku.

    Resume Spotify Payment Process

  6. You will be redirected to a payment page. Write the OVO number in the column provided. And continue click the button Proceed Payment.

    Payment Process Using OVO

  7. Now open the OVO application on your phone and confirm the payment.

  8. After successfully confirmed, you will be redirected to a page that states that you have successfully purchased Spotify Premium.

Spotify uses third party service to receive payments from OVO. And after writing down the OVO number, you are only given about 1 minute to confirm the payment. More than that will be considered a failure, so you have to repeat.

Check Premium Status on Spotify

When you are redirected to a page stating that the payment has been successful, that’s when the premium plan is activated. But to make sure again, please go to the profile section and scroll down to the section My Packages. If it shows up as Spotify Premium, it’s been successful.

Meanwhile, if the payment has been successful but the account package has not changed, aka it is still Spotify Free, then please contact Spotify and submit a hill in the form of transaction history on OVO.

But system errors related to this are very rare, or even almost never happen. For that, you don’t have to worry about buying Spotify Premium with OVO, because everything will be safe.

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In 2022, Spotify provides additional payment options for Indonesia, especially for using the service online wallet which are popular. namely OVO, DANA, GOPAY, and DOKU. In addition, there are other payment options for those who do not have an online wallet, namely through Alfamart.

Currently, OVO does not support direct subscription like DANA and GOPAY. But hopefully in the future OVO will also support it so that users don’t have to go back and forth to buy premium packages to extend it.

Hopefully useful and good luck