How to Pay UKT Polynema: Banks and Tokopedia – For Malang State Polytechnic students who want to pay tuition fees. Julybe you need information about the payment method.

This payment method at the State Polytechnic University of Malang is actually quite easy to do. It can even be done through media such as Banks or the Tokopedia Marketplace application.

So, how do I pay for this UKT Polynema, min? Is there an easy way to do it?
Well, here we will share a method to be able to pay for UKT Polynema tuition.

Please follow the steps we have shared below so you can use one of the methods.

How to Pay for UKT Polynema Tuition

As we explained above, below we will share 2 ways to pay for tuition at the State Polytechnic of Malang 2022. Some of the methods we share are via BRI, BTN and TokoPedia banks. More details, please check below!

1. Pay UKT Polynema via Bank BTN

  • First, please visit the nearest BTN bank ATM.
  • Enter the ATM card along with the PIN.
  • To start payment, please select ‘other transactions’.
  • The next step, select ‘payment’.
  • Then, click ‘multi Payment’.
  • After that select the menu ‘education’.
  • At this stage you just need to enter the code of the Malang State Polytechnic Univ
  • Don’t forget to also enter the billing number.
  • Check transaction details, and payment of UKT Polinema using Bank BTN was successfully carried out. Don’t forget to save the proof of transfer.

2. Pay UKT Polinema via BRI Bank (without BRI account or ATM)

  • Go to the nearest BRI uni office
  • Tell the BRI Bank officer that we want to pay UKT
  • The payer will be given a queue number and a piece of paper to fill in the data first.
  • The contents of the paper are NIM, name, and address.
  • Wait until the queue number is called by the Teller officer.
  • When at the bank Teller, submit the queue number and the filled sheet (make sure it is filled in)
  • Wait for the Teller officer to verify the data you have entered.
  • After the verification is valid, the nominal payment that must be issued will be stated.
  • Please pay the nominal amount.
  • Please save the proof of payment for UKT Polynema via this BRI Bank.

3. Payment of UKT Polynema via Tokopedia

Not only using banks, Polinema students can also use the help of the TokoPedia Marketplace application. The payment process is also quite easy, where we only need to use an Android cellphone or iPhone to be able to pay for it. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Tokopedia application account.
  • Then, select the ‘All Categories’ menu.
  • A variety of options will appear for you to choose from. Click on ‘tuition fees’ to continue.
  • Then, select the corresponding university. For example, Malang State Polytechnic
  • Please enter ‘billing number’ and select ‘payment method’.
  • Complete the payment transaction and save the proof.

Thus, you have successfully made a payment at UKT Polynema. Information on other payment methods, please open the respective university’s Siakad.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to pay for the latest UKT Polinema 2022. Now you can pay for college using several methods that we convey, whether it’s bank BTN, BRI, and other banks.

You can also use the Tokopedia marketplace service as a medium to pay tuition fees when it’s time to pay. Thank you and hopefully useful.