How to Pay UNJA UKT: via Bank, ATM, and M-Bangking – On this occasion we will share a tutorial on how to pay UKT UNJA via the web, ATM or M-Banking. Besides UKT, students can also use this method to pay tuition fees at private banks such as BRI. BNI, BCA and other banks.

Jambi University or more familiarly called ‘UNJA’ is one of the leading campuses in Jambi province. This university is also included in the list of universities that have been present in Indonesia for a long time.

Like other universities, UNJA also applies a lecture program with 2 learning methods. Both face-to-face and online adjust government programs in the hustle and bustle of this current pandemic.

In line with this, new or old students who want to pay tuition or UKT also apply such a rule, namely paying tuition fees online or as usual.

Well, below we will provide several methods that you can use as a student or student of the Jambi University campus in making payments. For more detailed information, please check below!

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How to Pay UKT UNJA

There are several methods that we will share related to UKT or SPP payments at Jambi University. The methods we provide also vary, from web, ATM, or mobile banking.

Via Jambi University Website

  • The following is a guide to paying tuition or UKT through the official UNJA website.
  • First, please login to the campus website at
  • Then, look for the ‘Payment’ menu.
  • Next, click on the ‘Education’ option.
  • Then enter the code of the UNJA campus institution, the code is 0003. Click ‘correct’.
  • Enter ‘Billing Number, then select ‘Correct’.
  • Check detailed data, including student data or paying students.
  • If it is correct, confirm by selecting ‘Yes’. Done

Via Private Banks (BRI, BNI, BCA, and Other Local Banks)

  • Please enter Siakad Jambi University. Then log in using the Student ID and Password.
  • On the homepage of the site, look for the ‘Transfer’ option
  • Then, select ATM Bersama or other Bank
  • At this stage, students need to enter Bank Jambi code, UNJA institutional code, and Billing Number (NIM). Bank Jambi code is ‘115’. UNJA code is ‘0101’. So the format you write is like this: 115 0101 14140000007 (without spaces)
  • Fill in the transfer form according to the nominal bill, if the data is correct. Click the ‘correct’ option. Done.
  • Do not forget! Print a clip or proof of the UKT or SPP payment.

Via Private Bank ATM

In this guide we will provide guidance for payments at BRI ATMs. For other private banks, the process may be a bit different. But the steps are almost the same.

  • Go to the nearest bank ATM
  • Enter the ATM card, select the Language, and also the PIN.
  • Then follow these instructions: Select the Other menu > Payment/Purchase > Other Payments/Purchases > BRIVA > Enter your BRIVA Number (University number + Bill).
    • Jambi University code is 28262.
    • The billing number can be checked in each Siakad.
  • So the format you need to include is 28262+ (billing number). If you have clicked ‘Correct’.
  • Wait a moment, until information regarding the data entered appears.
  • Check carefully, if you are sure click ‘Press If Yes’.
  • Then, click ‘From a Savings Account’. Done

How to Pay UKT and Tuition Fees via M-Bangking (BRImo)

  • Open the BRImo application, then log into your account.
  • Then, select the BRIVA menu.
  • Enter ‘Jambi University Number + Billing Number’ in the column provided. UNJA No. is 28262. No. Bills: check each other’s siakad. Example format: 28262 141400007 (no spaces). If so, click ‘New Payment’.
  • In the BRIVA Pay Menu, please enter the previous number, namely Jambi University Number + Billing Number. If you have clicked ‘Continue’.
  • Billing information will appear, including bill nominal, admin fee, institution, and customer number.
  • Click ‘Pay’ to continue.
  • For optional options, please provide information or not. Free!
  • If you have clicked ‘Pay’ again.
  • Enter your BRImo PIN and click ‘OK’ to complete the transaction.

That’s the information we can convey about how to pay UKT UNJA through various ways. If there is something that is not understood, please include it in the comments column provided.