How to plant oil palm so that it bears fruit quickly

Hello online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time we will discuss how to plant palm oil so that it bears fruit quickly.

How to plant palm oil so that it bears fruit quickly is searched for in search, now for those of you who want to plant oil palm so that it bears fruit quickly, right in this article we will discuss it.

I myself am a former employee in a company, and I have worked for almost 8 years as an employee in a palm oil company. From land clearing and oil palm planting.

So in this article I will share a little of my experience while working in a palm oil company.

For planting oil palm itself so that it will bear fruit quickly is the desire of all of us as oil palm farmers. Of course for now the price of palm oil is quite high. So it is not surprising that now many are successful if they have their own oil palm land.

The first thing we can do is when we start planting seeds, make sure the seeds from oil palm are really quality seeds. Make sure the seeds are sown in polybags first. For planting in the polybang itself, make sure the care must also be maximized so that the seeds grow quickly. and can be fast in the planting process. From the start of watering, regular fertilization will make the palm head seeds big and tall quickly.

After that, prepare the land that you want to plant oil palm, in the process of planting it yourself, make sure the hole from the planting is right so that the roots of the oil palm tree are not destroyed.

Make a hole of the right size according to the polybag that is used, not too deep and not too shallow. In terms, we make it just right.

Furthermore, if you want to bear fruit quickly, it is better in the planting process we add mulch. or plastic for planting so that grass does not grow around the tree. Plastic mulch itself aims to moisten the soil and is not easy to grow grass. And for plastic mulch itself you can cut it with a size of 3 meters only, so we place it on the right and left of the palm tree that we have planted.

But before we install plastic mulch, it would be better to give fertilizer around the tree, namely npk fertilizer to stimulate growth in the oil palm. After we give fertilizer, we cover it with plastic mulch. So the soil moisture will stay and stimulate the palm diaper to grow fast. fertile.

Don’t forget when we give plastic mulch, don’t forget to make holes for the plastic with the aim that rainwater can enter and seep into this oil palm plant.

Make sure it is always appropriate to fertilize around the area that we put the mulch on. Then to speed up the stems it would be nice if there are flowers that have appeared then throw them away immediately. .

To produce large or normal palm trunks, it would be nice when we have the first, second, third sand fruit, we can just throw it away using dodos, not only the sand fruit so flowers from oil palm that appear when the oil palm trunk is still small can be thrown away.

By removing the sand fruit and flowers on the trunk of the oil palm tree, it will automatically accelerate the stem to grow bigger.

To produce quality and fertile palm oil or quickly bear fruit, of course, the thing that needs to be considered is the treatment in terms of fertilizers, especially the most important. Make sure fertilization is always right so that the results of this oil palm plant are maximized and so that they are fast to bear fruit. Pay attention to is the dose, so the dose for fertilization must also be right.

Then reduce the midrib that sticks to the ground, reducing the midrib from the start on the ground will also speed up the process of growing plants quickly and quickly bearing fruit.

Treatment by spraying pests or weeds around the plant also needs to be paid attention to so that the oil palm tree plants bear fruit quickly. For maximum results, make sure to pay attention to first increasing the tree or oil palm trunk, namely by reducing the sand fruit and flowers that have appeared. This will speed up the palm trunks to grow large and quickly bear fruit.

Thus the discussion on how to plant palm oil so that it bears fruit quickly, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.