How to Play Fun Hospital Game on Android Phone – Fun Hospital is a game where players are asked to build a well-managed hospital, from choosing a strategic location, a good management system, and so on.

In this game made by Tycoon, players need players to manage all the needs of the hospital. Even to design decorations so that patients are comfortable living in the building where the sick are being treated.

Well, below we will provide tips and tricks on how to manage a hospital in Game Build My Hospital. So that you can manage the building you are working on properly.

Fun Hospital Game Features

A little information, in this Fun Hospital game, players are given various excellent features, including the following:

  • Set the time in real time and play this game with your friends.
  • Manage all the buildings in the hospital, and manage the hospital staff, whether it’s doctors, nurses, nurses and others like you are the owner of the building.
  • Do the work of building and designing the hospital, according to your wishes.
  • Recognize a variety of new, strange diseases and treat them well.
  • There are various challenges and opponents from various servers.
  • There are various kinds of characters that you can make the most of.

Tips and Tricks How to Play Fun Hospital on Android 2022

Here are tricks on how to play the fun hospital game that you need to know. So that it is easier for players to run it.

  • First, please come up with a nice, easy-to-remember, name for your prospective hospital. In order, do not waste time for the Rename process.
  • For account security, please connect Fun Hospital game account with Facebook or e-mail. So that game data is safer from hacking or irresponsible ignorant hands.
  • Players can play using 2 devices at once, both PC and HP.
  • If so, follow the instructions below to make it easier for you to level up quickly.
  • Please turn off offline mode. This is so that the patient can maximize the role to the fullest. How: Open the game menu, then at the top left, please click
  • Please Turn Off Offline Mode (So that all patients can be used to the maximum) (How: Open the Menu (Three lines in a row) and look at the top left, Connect Facebook.
  • At the beginning of the game, we recommend that players follow all the instructions or missions given by Fun Hospital.
  • In the additional bonus section, try to never innovate to spin, recruit employees, build rooms, add hospital equipment before there are instructions from various missions in the main wuest.
  • Don’t be wasteful in using gems, try to be frugal in using this item. unless it is the order of the mission.
  • Please build spaces close together, besides being more effective in terms of implementation, players are also more efficient in building and others.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to play this Fun Hospital game. please absorb the tips and tricks that we have outlined, so that the management of your dream hospital runs smoothly. Thank you and hopefully useful.