How to Play Zepeto for Beginners 2022 – Julybe you are one of those people who don’t know how to play Zepeto for beginners? If yes you are at right place. Because on this occasion we will discuss about it.

As we know, Zepeto is an application based on 3D character games that has a main play unlike other games. In the world of Zepeto players can work on missions, design characters, as they wish.

When the player plays in the world of Zepeto, he can do whatever he wants. Including inviting friends, playing together, and doing whatever he likes.

Well, here we will explain how to play Zepeto for beginners. So, as a new player you know more or less about the method of playing Zepeto and what features are in this application made by Snow Corporation.

How to Play Zepero for Beginners

Before going to the core stage of this article, you can use this Zepeto application on various kinds of applications device, whether it’s Android or iOS. Because, you can download Zepeto for free on the Play Store or App Store.

To play the Zepeto application, all you need to do is have this game first. If you don’t know how? You can follow this short guide:

  1. First, please open your Android or iPhone.
  2. Then go to the Play Store and App Store defaults on each cellphone.
  3. Search for Zepeto, then download and install Zepeto on your cellphone.
  4. Open and run this application.
  5. Well, after having the Zepeto application. Then next, beginners can create a Zepeto account first. The method is also quite easy, because you can use an email account, Facebook as the medium.
  6. Furthermore, Zepeto game beginners when they first open this application will be asked to create a 3D avatar.
  7. Please create Zepeto avatar with face, clothes and style suit one’s taste.

After the character creation process is complete, players will be given 4 options to choose from. Among others are: Play, Discover, Message, Profile and Zepeto Town Square.

  • Play: This menu allows the user to run missions and start the Zepeto application.
  • Zepeto Town Square: Can be used to find and make friends virtually with other Zeperto players, as well as, take photos with friends.
  • Messages: Serves as a medium for sending messages to each other on Zepeto. This feature can be used when the player has become a friend or not.
  • Profiles: function to see the amount followers and followingedit avatars, and so on.

Please understand the options above to start playing Zepeto games on your mobile device.

Zepeto Features

There are various excellent features in the game that you can play on your cellphone or laptop. So, players can enjoy playing Zepeto well and calmly.

Moreover, Zepeto can be played online or offline. A distinct advantage for applications that can be played in this mode.

So that beginners can play Zepeto apk more comfortably, there is no lag, hangs, or the cellphone does not respond to this game. Here we also attach the recommended specifications for playing this Zepeto game:

  • RAM 2GB – 3GB more
  • iPhone 8 or above

If your cellphone is less than the specs above, then if Zepeto doesn’t run smoothly, you can do it this way.

  • App updates
  • Clear app cache
  • Turn off all unused applications.

So, what are the advantages of this Zepeto application, min? Okay, there are some excellent features that beginners need to know in this avatar character maker game:

  • Players can create 3D avatars that are similar to yours.
  • Players can create items and worlds that you design yourself.
  • Play and socialize with other players.
  • Design clothes as you wish.
  • Premium features with various advantages.

That’s a row of the advantages of the Zepeto game features that you can get if you really want to play this game. Please try it if you are curious to see the excitement of playing Zepeto 2022.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to play Zepeto for beginners. I hope the above information is useful for you. especially, for Zepeto players who are just starting to play this game app.