How to prevent ig posts from being saved to the gallery

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to prevent posts on ig from being saved to the gallery, ways so that posts on Instagram are not saved to the gallery, many are looking for these keywords, for those of you who want to know so that posts on Instagram it is not saved to the gallery exactly once in this article we will discuss it.

The Instagram application is a social media application that has many users, by sharing photos and videos and even insta stories on Instagram. In this Instagram application, we can upload photos and videos, of course this will automatically be saved directly to our gallery. And maybe make the memory space on our cellphone full, because automatically the posts that we post will go directly to the gallery on our cellphone

In addition to uploading photos and videos, we can also post stories or stories and even IGTV features that are often used when we use this application. And immediately we upload anything it will go directly to our gallery and create a double file for our cellphone. this will cause the memory space on our cellphone to be used a lot.

Usually when we post posts on Instagram, our posts will automatically be saved to the gallery, and how do we prevent our posts from being saved to the gallery on Instagram. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

The first step so that posts on Instagram are not automatically saved to the gallery on our cellphones, please log in to your Instagram account.

Then you tap on your profile section, and select more options at the top right.

After that you can choose in the settings menu or your Instagram settings.

then in the settings menu there will be many menus that will appear, then you can tap on the «account» menu

After clicking on the account menu, you just have to select the «original post» menu

•then in the original post menu section you deactivate in this menu section you will find two menus, the first is the menu save photos that are posted and save videos that are posted. your phone gallery.

By doing some of the steps above, of course we will succeed in posting photos and videos on Instagram without being saved to the gallery.

Then if you want to return to the original settings, you can follow the method at the beginning of the song, and select Activate if you want to rearrange your posts on Instagram.

How to deal with the Instagram filter not showing up, many complain about how to fix the Instagram filter not appearing when we open Instagram. To overcome the IG filter not showing up or loading it continues for those of you who may experience something like the above, there are some tips for you whose filters don’t appear for you. on instagram.

First you can update your Instagram application to the latest version. To update your Instagram application, you can go directly to the Play Store and you can search with the Instagram keyword and then tap on the Update menu.

The ig filter does not appear sometimes because our Instagram application has not been updated to the latest version, please try updating it so that your Instagram filter reappears.

Then for the second step you can go to the application management section, where you can delete your Instagram cache or trash from your Instagram.

Then the last step, if the Instagram filter still doesn’t appear, please enter the factory update section, so if there is a software update menu on your Android phone, please update it for your Android version.

That’s the discussion on how to keep ig posts from being saved to the gallery, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.