How to Print a Document in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most widely used document processing application today. With this application, one can easily complete the creation of documents because it is equipped with various supporting tools so that the documents they are working on look neat.

The final stage of creating a document in Microsoft Word is printing the document or what we usually know as printing. When we print a document, it is a sign that the document has been completed and is ready to be poured into sheets of paper (hard copy) and used for various purposes.

Printing documents in Microsoft Word is very easy, but for some people who are still new to using Microsoft Word, of course, they will experience problems. Therefore, I will try to guide you in printing documents that have been created in Microsoft Word.

However, before printing a document, there are several things that must be prepared as follows:

  • Documents to be printed (Soft Copy)
  • Print (a tool used to print documents)
  • Paper (the medium used to pour the printed document). Use paper according to the specified size.

How to Print Documents in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2022

Now if everything is available properly, then the next step is to print the document. The steps are as follows:

  • Please turn on the printer and insert the paper into the printer’s paper tray.
  • Open the document to be printed in Microsoft Word
  • Select Menu File (for Ms 2007 click the Office Button) then select Print (you can also press the keyboard command CTRL + P to open the Print feature)
  • The Print window will automatically open. Before printing a document, make adjustments first so that the printing quality can be maximized. (see image below)


  1. Printer Name used to select the type of print that will be used to print the document. Usually the ready print has a green tick. But in some cases, even though they already have a green check, the print is not compatible with the device. Therefore, check for similar types of prints and try to use these types of prints.
  2. Page Range used to set the range of pages to be printed. In the page range there are 3 options that can be used such as: All (print all pages), Current Page (prints the current page), Pages (prints specially selected pages e.g. page 1, pages 3-5, etc.)
  3. Copies are used to specify the number of copies to be printed (eg 2 copies of a document)
  4. Properties used to make advanced settings on the document to be printed. Printer Properties display is different for the type of printing that we will do. But basically Properties are used for settings such as Page Setup, Main, Quick Setup, Maintenence and so on.
  5. If everything has been adjusted in the Print window, please press OK to start printing the document
  • Wait a few moments until all the documents are printed properly.
  • If the document has finished printing, let it sit for a while until the ink is completely absorbed and dry on the paper.

Tips for Quality Printed Documents and Prints Are Not Damaged Quickly

Here are some tips that you can do so that the printouts can be maximized and the prints you use are not damaged quickly:

  • Always check the availability of ink in the print, don’t let in the middle of the printing process the ink suddenly runs out and make the document printing process hampered. Besides wasting paper, time will also slowly affect print work.
  • If you want to print a document with many pages, try to print a little at a time. Don’t do everything right away. For example, batch 1 for pages 1-10, batch 2 for pages 10-20 and so on. You can use the features Pages to specify the printed page.
  • Try to take a print break for a while if it has been used for too long, especially if there are too many documents printed.
  • When you want to print a document, make sure the paper is always available and properly placed in the Printer.


That’s my little review of how to print documents or print in Microsoft Word. Hopefully this article can help you solve problems around using the Microsoft Word application. Good luck and thank you.

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