How to privacy your Instagram account so you can’t be peeked

Instagram is currently not only used to save photos or videos, but can also be used to interact with people around and start making friends. Almost the same as Facebook, Instagram also frees users to control their privacy.

There is a lot of privacy that can be set, be it from comments, DMs, or even accounts. If you set privacy at the account level, sure just follower who can see the photos and videos you upload.

Also by setting your account to privacy, you can filter every new follower. So they will need confirmation from you before they can become followers. It’s like asking to make friends on Facebook, which one? need confirmation first.

How to Privacy an Instagram Account

A private account will not be able to be seen or snooped on by other people who are not followers. But they can still see profile picture in the account, which maan it doesn’t matter.

Please follow the steps below to start privacying your Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app.

  2. Go to Profile.

  3. Tap the triple stripe option at the top right.

    Tap Three Dots Strip Options

  4. And select menu Arrangement.

    Tap Settings Menu

  5. Then tap on menu Privacy.

    Go to Privacy Menu

  6. Now tap on menu Account Privacy.

    Instagram Account Privacy

  7. And enable on option Private Account.

    How to Privacy an Instagram Account

  8. Done, now your account has been private.

To check whether it was successful or not, please try to view the account via incognito mode on the browser. If all photos do not appear, it means that the account has been successfully private. And from now on only followers can see the content you upload.

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Why Can’t the Private Account Option be Activated on Instagram?

Julybe some people fail to activate the option, and there must be a reason why it can happen. And the real obstacles are only two things. That includes internet connection and account type.

So first, make sure the internet connection on your phone is turned on when activating the private account option. Because to apply it, you need a connection to the Instagram server. Without a connection, the settings will not be applied.

The second is to make sure your Instagram account type not business. Because a private account can only be applied to a personal or private type account.

If you want to apply it to a business account, please change the account type to personal first and then do the steps above again.

Hopefully useful and good luck