How to Private Indosat 2022 Number – When receiving a call, sometimes we encounter calls that do not include a phone number, aka private. This sometimes makes people curious, how did he do it?

To be able to make a private phone number, it’s actually not that hard to do. Android cellphone users such as Oppo, Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, and others can do it easily.

However, in this article we will discuss how to private Indosat card numbers. So, for Indosat Im3 Ooredo card customers who want to hide their number when they want to make calls, they can follow this method. Here is the complete guide.

How to Private Indosat Number

Here are the steps to hide the number when you want to make special calls for Indosat card users. More details, please check below!

  • First, please enter the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Next, please search for ‘Call Settings’.
  • In the call menu, please select ‘operator call related settings’.
  • Then click ‘additional settings’.
  • After that, select ‘SIM’ which has an Indosat card.
  • Wait for the cellphone to load data. Next, click on ‘Caller Number’.
  • There will be 3 options that you can choose, from Network default settings, hide number, and show number.
  • To not display your Indosat number when you want to call someone, please select ‘hide number’.

By doing the steps above, when you want to make a call to all the numbers in your contact, your number will be disguised or not displayed. Happy!

Notes: We did this method on the Oppo a37f cellphone. For those of you who have a different cellphone, please adjust it according to the instructions above.

In addition to using the HP settings menu. You can also activate the private mode of your Indosat number via the dial code. The trick is:

  • The method is quite easy, please copy and paste the number you want to call.
  • Then, give me the code #31# in front of the number. Example: #31#085875987876
  • If so, make a call using your Indosat number. Then in the display of the number you are going to your number will be hidden or private number.

That’s the information we can convey related to the private number Indosat 2022 number. Hopefully the little guide above makes it easier for you in the process of hiding numbers for prank activities or others. That’s all and please try.