How to Private Instagram Account 2022

How to private Instagram account 2022.

The Instagram application is a popular application in use.

This application has various interesting features such as an ig filter, or you can shop in this application.

This application is also like facebook can share stories and can also shop in this application.

Actually, there are still many advantages of this Instagram application, so what if we want to manage or private our account on Instagram?

Usually there are users who like their accounts to be private, but there are also those who prefer not to have their accounts private.

Well, it all depends on the individual.

One of the advantages if the account is not private.

*Others can see our posts even if they are not friends.

*Other people can like and comment on our posts even if they are not friends.

Actually, keeping our account private is the same as other people can’t see our posts, only people who are friends can see our posts.

_Here are the advantages if our account is private

* if anyone follows will automatically be delayed. waiting for us to receive then they can see our post,

Some of the factors above are if our Instagram account is private, but indeed many Instagram users want their accounts private.

actually for a private Instagram account it’s very easy, my friend.

If you really want a private Instagram account, please enter your Instagram application.

Here are the steps for a private Instagram account

1. Open your Instagram app on our profile menu

3. Click the triangle in the top right

4.choose settings

5. select the privacy menu

6. then check at the top there is a private menu. swipe right to activate and swipe left to disable.

Here are things that will affect if the Instagram account is private.

*Other people who are not friends with us cannot see our posts.

* If other people follow us, it is waiting for approval from us whether it is accepted or not.

That’s the discussion on how to private Instagram account 2022, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you