How to promote youtube 2022

Assalamualikum online friends meet again with us. this time we will share a trick on how to promote youtube 2022 or promote this youtube channel 2022.

Being a YouTube content creator, of course, has various competitions, especially in this era. The competition for YouTube creator content is getting tougher and busier. So how do we make our videos compete in this YouTube application too.

Of course there are many things you need to know. If you want to develop your youtube channel, then you can promote your youtube channel, so that you can compete in this youtube application. There are many ways to promote your youtube channel, there is a free version and there is also a paid version.

With the free version, of course, it might take a little longer to process. For a quick way, we can use the paid promotional version if you want your channel to be successful and reach users on YouTube, or at least not lose in competing in the YouTube world.

Especially for now, there are many new YouTubers who are creating interesting content, so our competition automatically is also quite a lot. However, it is not uncommon for many to complain about the content that does not increase the number of views or the number of viewers.

To overcome this, there are several things you need to do before creating youtube content. The first thing is that you need to know and the most important thing is that in making videos or building a channel, the most important and main thing is “focusing on one content” with a focus on one content, usually videos will the audience quickly increases. Well, for example, focus on one content, such as fishing.

So you have to make videos about fishing, or assembling fishing rods, and so on, the point is to focus on one content first if you want your channel to grow. If you have developed or have a lot of subscribers, then you can mix up the content, the most important thing is when you subscribe. already a lot.

So, so that you can find many and many viewers in search, the thing you need to do is promote your video or YouTube channel.

And for this promotion, we will discuss the paid version.

For the paid version itself you can do promotions through google ads. Which is where we can promote our videos and this will also be more effective quickly. And many viewers.

To do a promotion using Google Ads, you can enter through YouTube Studio on Google Chrome. Next, select the video you want to promote, click on the three-dot menu in your video section, then select the “Promote” menu. Next we will be taken to the Google Ads menu. , to promote our video.

To fill up your google ads account balance for promotion, you can use an atm card or you can also use a virtual account. Now, according to my experience, it’s better if we use the virtual account version, or where we will be given a virtual account number, we just need to transfer it via number the account in your google ads.

According to my experience, we can also transfer a minimum of about 100 thousand, then if the balance is entered, my friend can also set the video to be promoted for how much can you do it on google ads via google chrome.

For the transfer itself, it will usually go in 1X24 hours, just wait until the balance you send goes into Google Ads.

Make sure to install the google ads application on the play store, so you can see the amount of incoming balance. For the promotion itself, it depends on you. How many thousand per day do you want,

You just need to set it up in the google ads menu via google chrome.

By promoting it through google ads, usually our videos will be effective for many viewers. And quickly get 4000 hours of broadcast.

This method is the most effective for friends who want to develop their YouTube channel.

That’s the discussion on how to promote the 2022 youtube channel, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.