How to Quickly Edit Capcut Jedug 2022

How to quickly edit in the latest 2022 capcut application, who is not familiar with this capcut application.

this application is also famous for its pause version which is always viral on tiktok, besides we can edit pauses quickly, we can also make money from the templates we make,

A popular application that is always viral on tiktok by using a viral dj tiktok, this application can also generate rupiah coffers if we can use it, namely being the creator of the pauseg jedug template,

So, how do you quickly edit in this application without making it difficult for us to edit?

There is a way for friends who want to make a pause without us having to edit, that is, we can use the template that we want to make a pause,

So, how do you remove the capcut logo so it’s not visible if you use a template??

There is a way that you need to know in this capcut application,

1) beginners can try to install the application first in the play store

the first way is to prepare a photo that will be made pause,

2) Make sure you don’t log in using your Facebook or Google account

3) choose the template that you want to make a pause, I suggest using a viral dj, you can type the dj in the search icon, later there will be many creators who make the pause we want to use,

4) just select the template you want to use, click on the template then select the menu use template then enter the video or photo menu, just click on a few photos until the preview menu appears, then click on the preview section.

5) for the first result there is still the capcut logo at the top right, then how to remove it click the advanced menu in the right corner, select export without a watermark, then when saving to 100% make sure you can directly click the home button logo on our cellphone or you can say just leave it so it won’t be redirected to tiktok,

And as a result, my friend checks in the video section, my friend will be ready and without the capcut watermark. In essence, if we are switched to tiktok, we just choose to leave,

If we are directly switched to tiktok, we don’t come out, there will still be a watermark at the bottom, so when it is almost 100% of the time to save, my friend, just click the home button or just exit,

And friends, you can check that the results are already stored in our video gallery, and already without a watermark or logo from the capcut application.

Well it’s pretty easy isn’t it??

We can also edit the pause video for the same way as the admin discussed above.

Okay buddy, hopefully it’s useful for a quick way to edit in the capcut application, good luck and thank you.