How to Quickly Fix Missing Texture Files in Blender

Although Blender provides features to do packing each texture and so on into a single project file, but most people prefer to create separate texture files for easy re-editing.

One day if the project is sent to another computer, it will definitely experience lose texture due to the wrong file directory, a pink section will appear indicating that a texture file is missing or not set up correctly.

To solve this is very easy, you just need to rearrange the directory for each texture file. But to do that manually would take a long time, especially if there is one dozens of texture files which must be reset in the project.

But don’t worry, because Blender has provided an automatic option to search for lost texture files, so that all files can be found quickly.

Fix Missing Texture Files in Blender Quickly

Before doing this, make sure that the texture files are prepared together in a folder, so that they can be quickly searched by the system later. And also make sure that the texture file names in the project are the same.

  1. Open the project in Blender.

  2. Click option Files.

    Click File Options

  3. Then click menu External Data.

    Click the External Data Menu

  4. Then click the sub-menu Find Missing Files.

    Fix Missing Texture Files in Blender

  5. Select the location of the folder containing the missing texture files.

    Choose a Texture Folder Location

  6. Then click the button Find Missing Files.

    Click the Find Missing Files button

  7. Done, now surely the texture file is back and it doesn’t appear pink anymore.

Feature Find Missing Files Blender’s only feature is that it matches the filenames in the project, so if for example the texture filenames are different, it’s likely that the user will have to set them manually.

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Why Do Some Objects Still Appear Pink?

Make sure again that the texture file that you have is complete and has the same name as the one in the project. And if the files are in multiple folders, try moving them into just one folder.

That way the system will quickly detect and you don’t need to select many folders. Later a notification will also appear in Blender if there is a texture file that is still not found, so you can check it again.

Hopefully useful and good luck