How to Quickly Reset a WordPress Site

Testing a WordPress-based site can now be done very easily. Such as installing themes, plugins, and others without fear of problems. That’s because you can restore the site to its original state. So there is no need to re-install WordPress again.

Basically there is no feature to reset a site in WordPress, but you can do that with the help of a plugin. The performance of the plugin is reset databaseso that all settings and also other things except information admin will be deleted.

And there are several plugins that have this capability. But here I will only share one plugin, which is named WordPress Reset. And if you want to know how to use the plugin, please continue to listen to this article.

How to Reset a WordPress Site so that it Returns to the Way it was

You need to know beforehand that the tutorial shared below will reset your WordPress site. One of them is to delete all posts and pages that have been created. But this way won’t delete account information and previously uploaded files. So like themes and plugins it will still be there, however it’s not active after reset.

Here’s how to reset a WordPress site:

  1. Open the WordPress dashboard.

  2. Then install and activate a new plugin named WordPress Reset.

    Install the Reset WordPress Plugin

  3. After the plugin has been activated, please go to the menu Tools and select Reset.

    Click the Tools menu and select Reset

  4. Then type the text “reset” in the column.

    Reset WordPress Site

  5. And continue click the button Reset.

  6. Wait for the process to complete, and finally the WordPress site is successfully restored to its original state.

Instantly everything returned to normal. Well it’s from the post “Hello World” and none of the plugins are active. As I said above, that this plugin only resets on the database side, so all files will remain the same as before.

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The WordPress Reset plugin has a good performance in bringing the site back to its original state without any issues. But on the other hand there are also several other plugins that have more features, for example being able to delete media, themes, and plugins at once.

I think the WordPress Reset plugin is more suitable to be applied when testing themes or plugins. For example, importing demo content from the theme used. So when you want to import other demo content, you have to reset it first so you don’t have problems.

Hopefully useful and good luck