How to Record Hp OPPO A16 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with mimin. Now this discussion, Mimin will discuss how to record the Oppo A16 2022 cellphone.

The screen recorder is an important feature for all android phones, especially if we want to make a tutorial on the youtube channel or make a screen recorder on our cellphone for any purpose.

Now this feature itself can use the default recorder on your cellphone. Every Android phone has a screen recorder type or menu that you can use.

Well, here are some ways to record cellphones on the Oppo A16 cellphone.

1. The first step you can do is open your cellphone.

2. Then swipe down on your cellphone’s outer homepage time.

3. Look for the recorder menu, like the example below, friend

click on the recorder menu and select activate it will automatically record the screen on your cellphone. Just turn it on and the recorder will run immediately.

The screen recorder consists of two parts, friend, where you can use the phone’s default features and you can also use additional recording features from other applications.

Now for a screen recorder that has a pointer or color feature, you can install the screen recorder application in the play store.

Usually the screen recorder in the play store is the one that has or can bring up arrows where when we type on our cellphones, friend.

One of the screen recorders that has a check mark menu is the screen recorder screen recorder that you can get on the play store.

This screen recorder is usually used by tutorial youtubers to show the ways in the video, friend.

Now the screen recorder feature with a pointer menu that you can use for tutorials is an additional screen recorder. And you can get it on the Playstore.


how to record the screen on the oppo f 11 is very easy, my friend, the method is the same as on the oppo a 16, just open your oppo phone and select it in the recorder menu.

The trick is to just swipe down then swipe to the side and look for the screen recorder.

Just click on it, it will automatically record immediately, so the duration itself is not limited, friend, so you can record the screen on your own cellphone as you wish.