How to record the latest oppo a16 cellphone screen

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again with us. We are here to discuss how to record the screen of the Oppo A16 cellphone.

How to record the screen of the oppo a16 hp? Online friends right in our article, we will discuss how to record the oppo a16 cellphone.

Oppo cellphones are cellphones with many users in Indonesia. Oppo cellphones themselves have various interesting features that users can enjoy. Various types of Oppo cellphones with the latest releases are widely encountered and for now, Oppo cellphones also have many users.

There are so many features that can be obtained from this Oppo cellphone, from the clear camera feature, the screen lock feature and other features that can be felt by the users of this Oppo cellphone.

There are many developments in every android phone, one of which is the Oppo cellphone, gyus. To get or record the screen on the Oppo cellphone, there are actually 2 ways where we can use help from other applications or we can use our own Oppo cellphone.

To record the screen on the oppo a16 cellphone, it’s actually quite simple and simple, now maybe for a friend who just has this a16 cellphone, maybe someone doesn’t know, so we will review how to record this oppo a16 cellphone.


The first step is to open the cellphone on your cellphone then on the home screen you swipe down. Then there will be a screen recorder camera logo menu.

tap on the screen record logo then select allow to record it will automatically record your oppo a16 cellphone screen.

The function of the screen recorder itself is to be a means if you make a tutorial or tips and tricks, of course you can use the screen recorder on our cellphone. Actually there are many more functions of this screen recorder.

But in this recorder we cannot use arrows, lines or others and can only record the screen, so if you want to get a screen recorder with a version with arrows, you can try additional applications as we discussed in the article above.

Then if you want to get a screen recorder with an arrow, you can use a screen recorder with the help of other applications and can be installed on the play store

For how to install an additional screen recorder application with a version with an arrow, you can login to the play store.

Then click on the search menu and then type screenrecorder if you want to get a recorder with an arrow.

Then select install the application and when finished click the application and select allow recording, please set to the color of the arrow in the recorder.


how to turn off the lock screen magazine on the ho oppo, the lock screen on the oppo cellphone is a wallpaper that will change when the lock screen magazine is activated.

Well, if you want to disable it, it’s quite easy, just go to the settings section on your Oppo phone, then click on the home screen and lock screen. Next, tap at the bottom there is a lock screen magazine menu.

Tap on the magazine section of the lock screen then just swipe left to activate and swipe right to turn it back on.

Thus the discussion on how to record the latest Oppo A16 cellphone screen, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.