How to Recover Deleted Google Account

Google gives freedom to every user to completely delete their personal data. No need to wait a long time to delete your Google account and all the products in it. But behind that, Google also has its own provisions for deleted accounts.

So the contents of the provision are “If you delete your Google Account, you may be able to recover it. If the account has been deleted for a long time, you may not be able to recover the data on the account“. So for example the account you want to restore has just been deleted in the last few days, then you still have a chance to restore it.

This provision is enforced to avoid any abuse in the deletion feature. For example, there are other people who intentionally delete the Google account. Therefore, if you feel that the account has been deleted, immediately do this method to restore the account.

Recover Deleted Google Account

Note once again that this method only applies to Google accounts that are deleted in the near future, approximately one week. More than that allows the account to have been permanently deleted.

  1. Please go to the URL

  2. Write down the email address.

  3. Then type the last password on the account.

  4. If you’ve previously added a recovery phone number or email address, you’ll be prompted to enter it.

  5. After that a verification code will be sent to the recovery phone number or email address.

  6. Please write the code in the column provided.

  7. The next step, please follow the additional verification instructions provided there.

Just like forgetting your password, you can also do the same as above. And to the verification stage is sometimes different. To be sure, you just need to follow the instructions provided on the page until it’s finished.

And if your account is not linked with a recovery phone number or email address, then you will most likely get a different verification method. For example, such as telling when the date of account creation, personal information such as date of birth, and so on.

By filling in all the information correctly, it is very certain that your account will be back and can be used again.

What If The Account Has Been Deleted For A Long Time?

If the account has been deleted since a few months ago, then there is no other way but to re-register. Of course the data on the previous account will be permanently lost, but as long as the email address is still available for registration, you will be able to use it again.

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The last time Google had a new policy, where accounts were inactive for 2 years will be deleted automatically. But with the above method, you can still restore the account as long as the deletion process takes no more than one week.

Google’s system is very good at protecting user privacy, which is why this provision applies. Where when the account has been deleted for a long time, the data in it will also be completely lost. And that data includes all Google products that the account has used.

Hopefully useful and good luck