How to Register a SiFast Courier: Terms, System, and Salary – The more people trust in SiCepat’s delivery service, many people ask about how to register to become a Sicepat courier.

The delivery service, which hired Deddy Corbuzier as its brand ambassador, has become a competitor to JNT, JNE in the competition for delivery of goods, which covers all parts of Indonesia.

As the name implies, SiCepat offers goods delivery services with the fastest delivery method to several of its territories. No wonder many people like this service.

If you are currently looking for a job, there is nothing wrong with registering as a SiCepat driver. However, before that you need to know the terms and conditions to be able to apply for a job at one of these services between packages.

Terms and Conditions of Being a SiCepat Courier

If you’ve ever been a courier in a delivery service, maybe the requirements and registration to become a SiCepat driver are familiar. Because it’s not much different from JNE, TKI, Post Office, or other delivery services. More details, please check below!

  • Male, max 35 years old
  • Last education SMA, SMK\equivalent
  • Have an identity card (KTP)
  • Have SIM C
  • Have a private vehicle
  • Healthy body condition and no history of disease
  • Understanding the way around the placement, and
  • Make a letter and include application documents

Those are the terms and conditions that people who want to register for drivers at SiCepat need to know. Usually branches in big cities often open this vacancy, for example Jepara, Bandung, Depok and so on.

After knowing the terms and conditions, you also need to know the system and the duties of a SiCepat drive. For more details, please check below.

SiCepat Courier System and Tasks

Not only delivering goods, prospective SiCepat couriers also need to know how job desk (system) work. To make it easier for you to find out, we have listed the system and duties of the Sicepat courier below.

  • Come to the office at the appointed time.
  • Take the form of the package that needs to be delivered to the recipient’s location.
  • Sort packets (nearest then farthest).
  • Send packets.
  • Sending COD money deposits (if using the COD system).
  • Goods delivered report. And,
  • Home absence.

Those are the work systems at Sicepat and the things you need to do if you are accepted as a driver for the SiCepat freight forwarding service. Therefore, please prepare the conditions, vehicle, energy and mental first before starting the registration process.

How to Register a SiFast Courier

Now, after knowing the terms and working system of SiCepat. For those of you who are interested in registering as a driver for this delivery service, you can go directly to SiCepat branch offices in their respective regions.

For online registration, until this article was written, SiCepat had not provided information related to this method. So, you better send a job application letter to the office directly.

Don’t forget the files that you need to prepare above, you attach them with a brown envelope like a job application at a factory or other official agency.

Fast Courier Salary

In general, the salary of a SiCepat courier is based on the UMR or UMP applicable in each region. For example, in the Jepara area, the UMR is around 2 million. If you are placed in this area then you will get a salary of 2 million \ month and not including other bonuses.

In addition, as a SiCepat package driver you are also likely to get intensive from the package sent. Be it, the cost of renting a vehicle, gas money, health insurance, motorcycle maintenance and so on. Great isn’t it!

If it is calculated as a whole, the salary as a SiCepat courier is enough to meet the needs of your daily life. However, if your lifestyle is a bit high, maybe the salary is less.

SiCepat Express is a delivery service that is quite trusted by the domestic community. Not only that, almost all e-commercesuch as Shopee, TokoPedia, Lazada, BliBli have also included this service.

Therefore, for those of you who want to try to register as a fast courier, you need the information we have shared above. So that you are considered an experienced person in this field. Thank you and hopefully useful.