How to register Brimo without CVV, is it possible? This is the explanation – When registering for the BRImo application, there are various terms and conditions that need to be completed, be it identity cards, emails, selfie photos and also CVV.

When a BRI bank user has entered the stage of entering a CVV which consists of a three-digit number on the back of a BRI Bank ATM card, he encounters a problem because he cannot find the number.

This has also made several users of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia ask, can they register the Brimo application without using a CVV or not? To find out the answers to the questions above, please read this article to the end.

How to register Brimo without CVV, is it possible?

Many loyal BRI bank customers have experienced problems when they want to register for the BRImo application without the need to visit branch or head offices spread across Indonesia.

This is because when the BRImo account registration process took place, they encountered problems not being able to find the CVV number. The BRI CVV number itself is the three digits listed on the back of the ATM card, next to the signature.

The CVV number, which is located on the back of the BRI ATM card, serves as card security when users verify transactions. So, these numbers are kept confidential. Except on MasterCard cards where the CVV number is shown

Then is it possible to register for BRImo without using CVV min?

Quoted from Didin Putra Arsyad’s YouTube channel, it turns out that for BRI Bank users who want to register for the BRImo application without going to the office, it can be done. For more details, please read the following tutorial.

How to Register BRImo Without CVV Successfully

Here’s how to register for a BRImo account without the need to use a CVV. Please follow the steps below so that the registration process is carried out properly and correctly.

  1. First, please download the official BRImo application from BRI Bank which is available for free on the PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. We recommend using a private internet network (cellular card, not WiFi). So that the security sensitivity of this financial application can be maintained.
  3. After the application is successfully downloaded and installed. Please open the BRImo application from BRI.
  4. Don’t forget to agree to each of the terms and conditions requested.
  5. Please login according to the criteria shown on the main page, namely ‘old user’ or ‘new user’. If so, click Register Now.
  6. On another page, please fill in the requested information completely, including the CCV code.
  7. In the CVV field, please leave it blank. Don’t try to fill randomly. Because if you have failed 3 times, a notification ‘SIA9’ will appear, which means you can’t continue with today’s registration. But can continue the next day during business hours.
  8. After completing filling, please click the box option agree to all conditions. If you have press ‘Continue’.
  9. You will be sent a message containing the OTP code from Bank BRI to the registered mobile number. Make sure the number has credit (min IDR 5,000,-)
  10. Enter the OTP code in the column provided.
  11. You will be automatically redirected to the BRImo application login page, now you just need to log in to the account according to the address that was created earlier.
  12. If you have clicked on the ‘Login’ option. succeed

At this stage you have successfully created a BRImo account without CVV. Now select the menu provided by BRImo apk to enjoy all the services provided via this mobile application.

This is the information that we can convey regarding how to register for BRImo without CVV. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for all of you. If there is something that is not understood regarding account registration without this 3 digit CVV number, please submit it via the comments column. That’s all and good luck