How to Register Fast Food, Can it? This is the answer – SiCepat is a freight forwarding service that currently has a fairly wide and reliable network. In addition to goods, they have also penetrated the world of food and beverages, namely SiCepat Food.

By investing in the food and beverage ordering platform DigiResto, SiCepat will start to become one of the delivery services used in DigiResto. And it is possible, SiCepat food jobs will be opened.

You need to know, the food ordering system at DigiResto is different from online food sales systems such as GoFood, ShopeFood, Grab Food and others. Prospective buyers cannot make purchases directly. But, must pre order menus first.

The collaboration between SiCepat and DigiResto certainly opens up new opportunities for people who want to become SiCepat Food drivers. The courier will later be in charge of delivering the order to the customer’s house.

How to Register SiFast Food

Julybe you are interested in becoming a SiCepat Food driver? Then you have to be patient first until SiCapat opens recruitment for SiCepat Food couriers. The reason is, until this article was made there was no clarity regarding this vacancy.

Currently, SiCepat Food drivers are regular parcel couriers, who also work as food delivery drivers. So, there are no vacancies for special food and beverage delivery services from SiCepat.

For more information, you can contact SiCepat’s contacts, via the website, or their social media accounts. So that we know in more detail about the recruitment of this SiCepat Food courier.

As a suggestion, you can register as a regular courier first. Later, if there are vacancies, you can recommend yourself to move to deliver SiCepat Food food packages.

If you are enthusiastic and more and more customers are using SiCepat as a food delivery service. It is also possible for SiCepat to open vacancies for special drivers for food and beverages only.

Because of that, it’s impossible for the delivery courier to double as a food delivery guy. The reason is that the load of delivering goods from morning to evening, we think, is quite time-consuming for the drivers.

You can take the initiative to register SiCepat food first. By making a cover letter and sending it to the nearest branch office. If they are in need of a SiCepat Food driver, then you have a high chance of being recruited.

This is the information we can convey regarding how to register for SiCepat Food 2022. Hopefully the little information we provide is useful for you.

Do not forget! To follow SiCepat’s social media accounts to find out the latest SiCepat Food courier vacancies. So that, when the vacancy is opened, you can immediately register yourself as a SiCepat food driver.