How to Register for a Go-Jek Ojek Friends / Partners

How to register a Go-Jek partner – After yesterday I shared detailed information about the workings and services provided by Gojek, this time I will develop a few tips on how to register or apply to become a Go-Jek friend. But before discussing further about how to register to become a member or friend of Goj-Jek, it would be better if you know the ins and outs of Go-Jek. Also read other related articles for details information about Go-Jek.

As I discussed earlier, Go-Jek is one of the solutions to overcome traffic jams in big cities and currently has reached Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. Julybe in the future it will expand to all major cities in Indonesia because based on several survey forums saying that some people are satisfied with the security and services provided by PT Go-Jek, and according to Nadiem Makarim (founder of Go-Jek) this company is growing rapidly and in the future it will be projected to serve the community in terms of conducive and effective transportation modes in all major cities in Indonesia.

And this time I will share how to join as a friend or partner of Go-Jek as quoted from some of my friends who have joined as members and the official Go-Jek website itself. Gojek needs friends, namely professional motorcycle taxis and this vacancy does not only attract male motorcycle taxi drivers, it is proven that there are also many women who are in the online motorcycle taxi profession. According to the experience of my friend in Koja, North Jakarta who works as a go-jek, go-jek works well depending on one’s own aspirations, in the sense that the more work and effort you make the more money you make because PT Go-Jek uses a profit-sharing system, which is 80% for ojek friends and 20% for the company. Ojeks feel benefited because they will be contacted by customer service to serve users or users in the closest locations so that these ojeks do not need to look for users.

How to Register a GO-JEK Partner / Partner Ojek

According to my friend, on average, I can pocket 2-3 million rupiah a month, isn’t it fantastic? So don’t be surprised if there are many Go-Jek graduates, but for those of you who only graduated from Junior High School, don’t be discouraged because what PT Go-Jek expects is experience and professionalism, here are some of the requirements needed before joining Go-Jek based on the GO-JEK official website. (Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time):

Requirements to register go-jek:

  • Photocopy of ID card, SIM C, STNK, KK
  • Domicile Certificate if the KTP and the area of ​​residence are different
  • BPKB original guarantee / latest diploma / family card / birth certificate / marriage book
  • Maximum age 55 years old
  • Middle school last education
  • Must present a motorbike when selecting (checking the completeness of the motorbike and vehicle eligibility)
  • Must wear shoes

After you are sure and steady, before you are actually appointed as a go-jek or online motorcycle taxi, you will be given training first. The training agenda is Monday – Friday. And you will get accommodation in the form of:

Facilities obtained from go-jek:

  • android smartphones
  • Two Helmets
  • Two Jackets
  • Credit 50 thousand
  • Go-Jek account 100 thousand
  • Masks and headgear
  • Potential income 2-3 million / month
  • Accessory bonus 50.000 / day if you can complete 10 orders
  • Accident insurance
  • Free working hours.. you choose yourself…
  • Go-Jek serves an average of 4000 customers every day with a profit-sharing system of 80% for you and 20% for the company

Special for go-jek registration in the city of Jakarta

1. Take the registration number. To get a registration number: SMS to 081283687207, format: FullName_Date of Birth_HP Number (Example: “BambangSetiawan 17July1974 0899123455”). Time : Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 13:00 WIB. You will receive a confirmation reply: FullName_Number_Date.

2. On the specified date, please arrive at the AKA Building, Jalan Bangka Raya No. 2, between 7-10 am. Carry: Motor used, terms and warranties as described below. Indicate the SMS that has been received.

3. Will continue with the selection process and training.

For other cities, please contact the following addresses:

Jl. M Yusuf No. 9, Mekarjaya, Depok
Tel. 0812.9326.0862 / 0877.8258.7147

On-site selection and training
Android training and attribute sharing in Gd AKA

Jl. Raya Serpong KM 7 No. 64
Gading Serpong Red Light, in front of the Abadi Color Paint Shop/Indomaret

Kuta Waterbom
Jl Kartika Plaza
Tuban, Bali

Pascal Hypersquare shop
Block A – 9
Kaliki Sand, Bandung

Jl Raya Jagir Wonokromo No 100
Mango Dua Jagir shop
Block B 5 No 8
Wonokromo, Surabaya

So that’s some info about how to apply for a job as a GO-JEK friend, for more details, please read the official GO-JEK web site at Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting this blog.