How to Register for Google Adsense To Make Money On Your Blog

Fun blogging activities can also make money, maybe that’s one of the goals of bloggers (blog owners). with blogging we can share interesting information, share information with many people from all over the world and the best part is that you can make extra money from your blogging activities. One way to make money from blogging is by participating in PPC advertising activities, namely Pay per Click, which is where you will be paid if a valid click is made by a visitor to your blog on the ad that is posted. The amount of click income depends on the promise between the advertiser and the activity of the ad provider, and usually for Google adsense the ad developer will provide income per ad click between 0.01-100 dollars or even more. so if in rupiah between 100-1 million rupiah per ad click.

However, the largest number of clicks is usually only found on international language blogs, namely English because advertisers for English-language blogs dare to pay dearly for valid (legitimate) ad clicks, while for Indonesian-language blogs it is usually between 100-50 thousand rupiah per ad click (according to experience) direct me), so you will be paid between 100-50 thousand rupiah for valid clicks made by visitors on your blog. So what if there are a lot of legitimate ad clicks, then you will make more and more money, the more the number of visitors, the more likely the clicks are made by visitors.

But to register your blog on Google Adsense is also not an easy matter, why? Yes, as a provider of quality ads and very professional and of course very reliable (direct experience while participating in Google adsense activities, payments are always perfect) resulting in Google Adsense being the best PPC activity in the world, being to become the best PPC member or publisher, your blog is also required to become the best PPC member or publisher. good and worthy blog for become a member of Google Adsense.

Ok back to the topic, how to register google adsense you can do either through Youtube or your blog, and this time I will share about how to register Google adsense through a blog. To become a google adsense publisher, we must register first, registration is free of charge or free, there are several alternative ways of registration that can be used, one of which is registering google adsense through a blog, this method is one way that is quite easy, but of course it is accepted or approved or not depending on the blog that we register, if the blog content meets the google adsense policies, then it is most likely widely accepted, if not, it will likely be rejected, but don’t worry when your registration is rejected, you can apply for re-registration at the following days of course after you make improvements or improvements on your blog.

Usually your registration will be rejected because there are some things that your blog doesn’t meet the requirements or it could be that the blog you registered is against Google Adsense policies, therefore it’s best before trying to register it is recommended that you read a lot of references first how to register you can be accepted, one of the references please read about tips to get accepted by google adsense.

Google Adsense Registration Steps Through Blogs
Before registering google adsense through a blog, make sure you have a blog with a blogspot platform first, I assume you already have a decent blog and have received enough visitors and have enough posting articles, here are the steps for registering google adsense that you can do:

Activate the Income Menu on the blog.
In general, for Indonesian-language blogs, the sidebar of the menu on the blogspot account page is not equipped with an “earnings menu” to register for adsense through the blog, we must first display the menu, because through that menu we can do the list of adsense through the blog, to bring up the menu. “Income” please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your blogspot account page
  • On the left menu bar select the “Settings” menu then select the “Language and formatting” submenu
  • On the right screen of the submenu “Language and formatting” in the language please select English (United States) – English (United State)
  • Save your blog settings and do a Page Refresh, until this stage usually the income menu will appear added to the sidebar the menu will look like the image below:

Do Adsense Registration Through Blog
After the income menu has been successfully activated and appears on the sidebar of the menu on our blogspot account page, the next step is to register adsense through a blog, register adsense through our blog using the “Income” menu, the steps are as follows:

  • On the left menu bar, select the “Earnings” menu
  • On the right side of the screen press the “Register Adsense” button as shown in the image below:

  Fun blogging activities can also make money maybe that's one of the ways to register for Google Adsense to make money on a blog
  • Follow the registration steps given, until registration is complete.

Usually the adsense registration that we do will go through a review 2 times first by the adsense party, the first review period will take approximately 1 day to 1 week usually an investigation will be carried out both in terms of content, templates and others, if we succeed in the review first then we will go through the next review and usually only lasts 8-42 hours then your blog has been approved or accepted as an adsense publisher, if we are rejected we can apply for the same registration in the future, of course after you make improvements to your blog id .

Registration will be accepted if it meets the criteria and rules of the google adsense game, generally depending on the blog that we use, if the blog does not violate and is in accordance with the policies of the adsense party, we may be accepted as a google adsense publisher. Violating the policy is usually intended for blogs whose contents are copy paste, not original, do not qualify blogs such as adult content, violate rules, etc.