How to Register for Tri Package 5GB 5K 1Day – For loyal Tri card users who usually use daily internet packages, maybe the Tri 5gb 5 thousand package with an active period of 1 day could be the package you like.

This 5GB 5 thousand Tri quota package is a subscription internet quota, so people who buy it will be charged an automatic renewal fee if you have enough credit every day.

Even so, if you are reluctant to renew one of the internet packages that we can categorize at this low price, we can do it easily.

Because below we will provide complete information related to this cheap Tri internet package, whether it’s about sharing, how to activate it, or unsubscribing to the 1 Day Tri Kuota 5GB package.

How to Register for Tri Package 5GB 5 Thousand Active Period 1 Day

For those of you who are interested in using this cheap tri 2022 package, you can buy it through the Bima+ application. Please look for it in the daily internet package menu and this 5gb 5k internet quota will appear.

In addition, you can also use the search option on the Bima application homepage to search for it, please enter the Tri 5gb 5ribu keyword, then the package you are looking for will appear.
Please choose and follow the instructions provided to purchase this 5gb daily internet package for 5 thousand.

Time Sharing 5GB Internet Package 5K Tri

Tri card customers need to know, the 5GB quota at a price of Rp. 5,000 offered by Tri is not all the main (main) quota. Tri Indonesia has divided it into 2 categories, namely MupON and regular.

  • 1GB main quota (regular), full 24 hour access on all Tri Indonesia networks.
  • 4GB MupOn quota, internet access from 01.00 – 09.00 WIB on all Tri Indonesia networks.

A package that is very suitable for people who often do work activities in the morning. especially freelancers who need a lot of quota at a cheap price.

How to Stop Tri Package 5GB 1Day 5K

We have already explained that the 5GB Tri daily internet package is a subscription package. So if you are bored and want to replace it with another package, you can stop it in various ways.

The method we recommend is to use the SMS method, to stop the 5GB tri package 1 Day Price 5 thousand you just type STOP AU5GB then send it to 234. That way Tri customers who subscribe to this package will stop.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Tri 5GB Rp. 5 thousand Daily package. If you want to try using it, please follow the guide we provided above. If not then just ignore it.

Actually this 5GB 5K Tri quota has advantages and disadvantages according to the personal admin opinion. The advantage is that the price is quite cheap and very sufficient for your daily internet needs.

The drawback is that the active period is only valid for 1 day along with the division of time from 01.00 pm to 09.00 am. Even though the quota obtained is quite large, around 80% of the total quota given.

If the 4GB quota is only given at that time, then it is less effective if it is used for users who work from morning to evening. Because it will be rarely used.